15 Chinchilla Gifts for Owners and Chin Lovers

Chinchilla Gifts for Owners and Chin Lovers
Do you have a friend or family member who loves chinchillas? Maybe you know someone who is a chinchilla breeder or shows chinchillas. You may have a hard time coming up with creative and thoughtful chinchilla gift for your loved one. We’ve got you covered with this article.

Whether you need a gift for Christmas or for the chin lover’s birthday, any of the items in this article will be a memorable and unique gift sure to dazzle and touch their hearts.

Chinchilla Gifts for Chin Fans

1. Chinchilla Plush Stuffed Animal

Chinchilla Plush Stuffed Animal

These unique handmade dolls are little plush chinchillas made from soft fleece. They eyes are “safety eyes” which means they can’t be removed, so this makes a great gift for a child. Available in 6 different colors, the crafter donates a portion of the sales to animal rescue organizations.

2. Custom Pet Portrait Chinchilla Gift

Custom Pet Portrait Chinchilla Gift

A truly unique gift, you can custom order a hand-drawn portrait of your loved one’s pet chinchilla. All you have to do is send in a photo of the chinchilla(s) and you’ll get a gorgeous picture. You can include one to four (or more) pets in the image, with size options of 6″ x 8″, 8″ x 10″, 9″ x 12″.

3. Chinchilla Wood Animal Puzzle

Chinchilla Wood Animal Puzzle

This handmade gift is great for kids and adults. Handcut from birch or maple plywood, this adorable puzzle is shaped like a chin, spelling out the word “chinchilla.” This puzzle would be great to display on a shelf or for children to play with. (Note: this is not chinchilla safe wood, so do not gift it to your chinchilla.)

4. Chincilla Cookie Cutters

Chinchilla Cookie Cutters

Foodies and bakers will love to make cookies of their favorite animal! This lifelike cookie cutter from Drukowanko creates the perfect chinchilla pastry. Available in three different styles, you can make a few dozen cute cookies to delight any animal lover.

5. Sterling Silver Chinchilla Charm

Sterling Silver Chinchilla Charm

This is another unique piece that is perfect for a chinchilla lover. A gorgeous, hand cast, sterling silver chinchilla charm, could be worn on a bracelet or a necklace. If the person you’re giving the gift to prefers gold, that option is also available.

6. Just Chinchillin Coffee Mug Chinchilla Gift

This is a fun gift for any chinchilla lover. Featuring a cute chinchilla illustration, this mug says “Chinchillin.” It will make anyone feel cool while they drink tea or coffee.

7. Custom Felted Chinchilla Replica

Custom Felted Chinchilla Replica

This makes a beautiful, meaningful gift for any chinchilla owner, especially one who has recently lost a pet over the rainbow bridge. This artist makes needle felted sculptures of pets based on your pet. Because of the care and talent of the artist, these little animals look identical to the real pets. It’s a beautiful art piece that can be lovingly displayed in any pet owner’s home.

8. Vintage Style Chinchilla T-Shirt

This gift is bold and to the point. Featuring a brightly colored illustration of a chinchilla, this shirt is fashionable and fun. Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes, this is the perfect gift for any chinchilla parent. Plus you get a choice of five colors: black, red, purple, navy, and royal blue.

9. Gold Chinchilla Enamel Pin

Gold Chinchilla Enamel Pin

If you’re looking for a small gift to add to a gift bag or slip into a stocking, these pins are perfect. Handmade and designed by Etsy seller Mehoi, these adorable pins feature chinchillas plated in 14K gold. They’re perfect to pin to a bag, jacket, or even a hat.

Available in gray, white, or black chinchillas.

10. Chinchilla Warning Sign

Chinchilla Warning Sign

I absolutely love this chinchilla gift. This sign is perfect to hang next to a chinchilla cage. The sign says “Warning, this property is protected by a highly trained chinchilla. Not responsible for injury or possible death.”

The signs are made to order and printed on high-quality aluminum. You have a choice of three designs: “new,” distressed wood, and aged metal.

11. Chinchilla Socks

Here’s a chinchilla gift that’s cute and practical! These socks feature a pattern of adorable chinchillas wearing sunglasses and eating pizza. A fun idea for a stocking stuffer.

Fits shoe sizes 7-13. Printed in the USA.

12. Chinchilla Keychain

Chinchilla Keychain

Keep your favorite pet with you wherever you go. These adorable embroidered keychains feature cute chinchillas on a keyring, perfect for a zipper pull, to decorate a backpack, or hang your keys.

2.5 inches by 3 inches. Available in six different color options.

13. Chinchilla Stuffed Animal

Chinchilla Stuffed Animal Gift

Yes, a stuffed chinchilla exists! NaBakir handmakes these realistic-looking chinchilla stuffed animals. Perfect for kids and adults alike to cuddle.

14. Chinzilla Poster

Chinzilla Funny Chinchilla Poster

They may look cute and cuddly, but beware of Chinzilla! This hilarious poster reimagines an adorable chinchilla as an epic Godzilla sized monster massacring a city.

This funny poster is perfect to hang near your chinchilla’s cage or in a bedroom. Comes in four different sizes ready for framing.

15. Chinchilla Adult Coloring Book

Chinchilla Adult Coloring Book

Combine relaxation and your loved one’s favorite animal with this creative gift. This adult coloring book includes 15 beautiful designs over 60 pages to let you express your creativity.

Don’t forget to get some colored pencils and markers to make a complete gift.

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