20 Cute Giraffe Gifts for Animal Lovers

Shopping for presents can be a challenge unless your loved one loves giraffes. This list is dedicated to the cutest, funniest, and most unique giraffe gifts. From practical gifts to the unexpected, we’ve found them all. These gifts are perfect to give animal lovers for birthdays, Christmas, and even anniversaries.

Adorable & Funny Giraffe Gifts

1. Giraffe Slippers

This is a cozy gift that’s great year-round. Soft and warm, these giraffe slippers make a great gift for all ages. The fleece lining is soft and keeps feet warm in even the coldest weather. The cotton exterior is soft to the touch and features realistic giraffe coloring.

2. Giraffe Ring

Giraffe Ring Gift Idea

This is a cute way to take your favorite animal everywhere! Wear Felicity Co makes these adorable giraffe wrap-around rings. Made of zinc alloy, they’re wrapped in silver or bronze metal. Adorable stocking stuffer.

3. Drinking Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

If your loved one loves giraffes and wine, this is the perfect gift for them! This “sculpture” is actually a wine bottle holder and it looks like the giraffe is glugging down a bottle of wine. This funny figure is perfect to display in a kitchen or dining. Take the gift to the next level by including a bottle of their favorite wine.

4. Giraffe Print Socks

Giraffe Print Socks

If you want giraffe gifts that make you feel like the animal, check this out. Sock and Shop makes these cool socks in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes. When you wear them, your legs look like they have giraffe spots. A cute way to add some fun to any outfit.

5. Giraffe Neck Tie

This is a classy and fun gift for the giraffe loving guy in your life. This simple black tie features an embroidered yellow giraffe pattern. Great for formal events or office wear. It also makes a fantastic Father’s Day gift.

6. Giraffe Bookmark

Giraffe Bookmark

If your loved one is an avid reader, they will love this unique gift. Raven King Crafts makes leather bookmarks, including this intricate giraffe. The tall animal is reading a book. This handmade gift makes a lovely stocking stuffer and is sure to please the receiver.

Check out more cool bookmarks for readers.

7. Giraffe Glasses Holder

This is a cute gift for any four-eyed friends or family members. This little giraffe head is actually a glasses stand. It’s a cute way to keep glasses safe while doubling as an adorable display piece for your nightstand or desk. It’s perfectly sized to give as a stocking stuffer too.

8. Four Giraffes in a Bath Art Print

Four Giraffes in a Bath Art Print

Some of the most interesting giraffe gifts are actually decor! This print from Amy Peterson Art Studio is a black-white photo-style art print that features four giraffes in a bathtub. Classy and playful, it’s the kind of subtle art that can go with any home decor.

This piece of art is perfect to frame and hang in a bathroom or nursery.

9. Giant Stuffed Giraffe

This is the perfect gift for any kid (or adult!) who always dreamed of having their own pet giraffe. This stuffed animal from Melissa and Doug is a lifelike and oversized giraffe, measuring at four feet tall. It’s the perfect addition to a nursery or playroom.

10. Giraffe Puzzle

This is a great gift for kids or adults who love giraffes. Hodslen Woods makes these cool wooden puzzles that aren’t only fun but beautiful too. Each puzzle shape is a different animal shape. It’s more than a puzzle, it’s an art piece.

11. Giraffe Onesie

Let your loved one embody their favorite animal! This cozy and cute onesie features the orange spots of a giraffe with a white belly. It even has a hood that is a giraffe’s head and a tail. Makes a great Halloween costume as well.

12. Giraffe Women’s Shoes

Giraffe Women's Shoes

Check out these kicks. These casual canvas shoes feature a super cute print of multi-colored giraffes and trees. The colors are subtle enough to make it the perfect addition to any casual outfit.

Available in women’s US sizes 6-12.

13. Hipster Giraffe Pillow

This is some cute animal themed decor! The 18″ square linen pillowcase features a detailed giraffe illustration wearing pink glasses. The cute design is great for a bedroom or living room. This is the case only, so don’t forget to order a pillow to go with it.

14. Roller Skating Giraffe Tote Bag

Roller Skating Giraffe Tote Bag

Check out this fun gift idea. This cotton canvas tote bag from Naugty Cat Apparel features an illustration of a roller-skating giraffe. Perfect for groceries, carrying books, or toting gear around.

15. Origami Giraffe Planter

This is a cute and original piece of decor. Designed to look like an origami giraffe this planter is perfect for succulents and other small plants. Or you can get creative and use it as a phone holder, candy dish, or more. It’s great on a shelf or a coffee table.

16. 3D Giraffe Mug

3D Giraffe Mug

Get the coffee addict in your life this fun gift! Happify Now makes these adorable giraffe coffee mugs. This mug is designed to look like a giraffe, with the neck forming the handle. Include some of your loved one’s favorite tea or coffee to make a gift bag they’ll really enjoy.

17. Giraffe Composition Notebook

This gift is perfect for students and writers who love giraffes. This composition book is yellow with a pattern of giraffes across the cover. Perfect for homework, journaling, or writing about how much they love these tall, graceful animals.

18. Handpainted Giraffe Wine Glass

Handpainted Giraffe Wine Glass

You’ll never find this in stores! Glitzware Creations makes these super cute hand-painted wine glasses. This one features a giraffe’s head, with the neck down the stem. Include a bottle of your loved one’s favorite wine to make a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

19. Giraffe Scarf

Add some cozy to fall and winter weather with this fashionable scarf. Featuring a print of giraffes, the colors are subtle enough to wear to dress up or dress down. Makes a nice gift for Christmas time.

Available in purple, beige, and navy blue.

20. Giraffe Coloring Book

If you want giraffe gifts that are fun and inspire a little creativity, check this out. This coloring book features intricate and relaxing designs of giraffes for your beloved to color. Great for relieving stress and having fun.

Check out these colored pencils and markers to add to your gift.

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