15 Easter Gifts for Dogs & Puppies

Easter Gifts for Dogs & Puppies

When the family goes to see what the Easter bunny brought on Sunday morning, Fido doesn’t have to be left out of the festivities. There are tons of cute and fun Easter-themed treats and toys available for dogs and puppies. These Easter gifts for dogs are perfect to give on their own or to put together a dog’s Easter Basket. Check them out below and give your puppy a special surprise.

15 Easter Gifts for Dogs

1. Easter Bunny Plush Dog Toy

Stuffed rabbits are a common gift in Easter Baskets, which makes this bunny dog toy a perfect gift for your pooch. This plush bunny is 6″ tall and features two squeakers to provide your pupper with plenty of fun. It’s also machine washable so you can keep it fresh year round.

2. Personalized Peeps Easter Toys

Personalized Peeps Easter Toys
Marshmallow Peeps are a delicious addition to any Easter Basket, but they aren’t a good treat for dogs. Instead, you can get your precious pup a personalized Peep toy. These handmade squeaky toys come in 4 colors of soft fleece, with your dog’s name embroidered on the stomach. These unique dog toys are 3″ by 6″ and make a delightful surprise for Easter morning.

3. Pastel Bones Easter Dog Treats

Most of the treats humans enjoy on Easter are not safe for dogs, but your pooch doesn’t have to miss out on the festivities. Claudia’s Canine Bakery makes these bone shaped dog treats that are half dipped in pastel yogurt perfect for Easter festivities. Tuck some in your Puppy’s Easter basket.

4. Easter Dog Bandana

Easter Dog Bandana

If you’re looking for Easter gifts for dogs, you should consider something dressy to help your puppy join in on the fun of the Holiday. Pawsitively Bella makes a bunch of cute Easter-themed bandanas for dogs. They feature a variety of Easter designs like colorful Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, or just beautiful pastel prints. Each bandana is reversible and easily ties onto your dog’s neck. The bandanas are available in four sizes.

5. Easter Bunny Ears for Dogs

Easter Bunny Ears for Dogs

Another option for your doggie to dress up for Easter is these adorable floppy rabbit ears. These ears are hand-crocheted by Pawsome Crochet. They’re better than rabbit ears found in pet stores because they’re designed to stay on your dog’s head, fitting more like a good than a headband. This is a great gift that will make all of your dog-loving friends jealous.

6. Easter Dog Dress

Easter Dog Dress
If you really want to go all out for the holiday, you can dress your puppy up for Easter. This gorgeous easter dress is designed specifically for your pooch. It’s easy to put on and features a fun Easter pattern of rabbits on pastel green fabric. The dress show is made for small dogs, but check out the seller’s other listings for more dog dresses and shirts.

7. Easter Dog Bow Tie

Easter Dog Bow Tie
If your male dog wants to dress up as well for Easter, he’s in luck. You can get him this adorable Easter dog bow tie. These cute miniature bow ties are handmade by Perry Wears for dapper dogs. They’re made to order in four different sizes and come with a velcro loop to easily attach it to any pet’s collar (these are great for cats too!).

8. Dog Easter Collar

If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, you can still dress them up for the holiday. This adorable collar is bright yellow with cute decorated pink easter eggs all around. Your dog will be festively dressed without struggling to put a hat or shirt on him. Made from durable polyester, these collars are great for everyday wear and durable enough to wear outside for the Easter Egg Hunt. All collars are made in the USA.

9. Hide and Seek Chick Toy for Dogs

If you’re thinking, “All right, those clothes are cute, but we want to see more Easter gifts for dogs.” No worries! Check out this adorable hide and seek toy toy that is perfect for Easter. This hen house has little yellow chicks inside, perfect to pull out and hide some Easter treats for your pouch to hunt for.

10. Easter “Cookie” Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Easter "Cookie" Peanut Butter Dog Treats

These dog treats look so good that I’m ready to take a bite! Made to look like iced sugar cookies in Easter shapes, this set features rabbits, Easter eggs, and carrots. Each set of 12 comes in a boxed set. Made from all natural ingredients, including tasty peanut butter.

11. Carrot Patch Burrow Toy for Dogs

If you want to get an Easter gift for dogs that will bring joy all year, check out this dog toy. Let your pup pretend to be the Easter bunny with his own carrot patch. Your dog will love trying to dig out the squeaky and crinkly carrots. You can even hide some Easter treats inside for extra fun.

12. Dog Easter “Cookie” Treats

Dog Easter "Cookie" Treats

I feel a little weird when I look at these dog treats–they look so yummy I want to eat them! These Easter dog treats take a boring biscuit to the next level with their delicious, decorative icing. Homemade to order, each come with six cookies made from whole wheat flower, pumpkin, flax, peanut butter and tapioca icing. Available as gluten free, too.

13. “Chocolate” Easter Bunny Dog Toy

"Chocolate" Easter Bunny Dog Toy
We all know chocolate is a no-no for dogs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your pupper their own “chocolate” Easter bunny. This adorable toy from Bow Wow Pet Wear is a fleece covered plush designed to look just like a classic chocolate bunny. These toys are handsewn and feature a squeaker inside. You get a choice of 6 colors when you order.

14. Rope Carrot Dog Toy

If your dog is jealous of all of the Easter Bunny’s carrots, you can give them one of their own! These carrot dog toys are made of sturdy braided rope, making them perfect for playing fetch or tug o’ war with your pooch. Each carrot toy is approximately 6.5″ long and would look great in your dog’s Easter basket.

15. Marshmallow Peep Toy for Dogs

This is another great alternative to a traditional treat for your pup’s Easter basket. This soft toy is stuffing-free but still plush and squeaky to keep your dog interested. It’s shaped like a traditional marshmallow peep chick and available in four colors: blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

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