12 Adorable Ferret Gifts Owners Will Love

Adorable Ferret Gifts Owners Will Love

If you have a ferret owner in your life, you know how crazy they are about their spunky pets. And because of their love for their pets, ferret gifts are a great choice when you need to buy them a present. If you’re feeling stumped about what kind of ferret themed gifts your loved one will enjoy, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of awesome and fun gifts for ferret lovers that will surprise and delight any owner. Check out all the cute ferret gifts below.

Cute & Creative Ferret Gifts

Superhero Ferret Mug

Superhero Ferret Mug

This is one of the most adorable ferret gifts we’ve seen this year. Made by Inna Box Design, this ceramic mug features a squee-worthy illustrated super hero ferret wearing a red cape. Printed to order on an oversized mug. Check out their Etsy store to discover other items with this playful ferret.

Add some of your ferret lover’s favorite tea or coffee with this mug to create an unforgettable gift bag that they’ll really appreciate.

Don’t Ferret, Relax T-shirt

This funny t-shirt is a perfect gift for any ferret owner. It is it a play on the saying, “Don’t fret, relax.” It features an adorable ferret illustration perfect for all ages.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in the colors black, whie, blue, brown, and pink.

Embroidered Ferret Hat

Embroidered Ferret Hat

Looking for a fashionable gift for the ferret fan in your life? Check out this awesome baseball cap. it features the embroidered image of a gorgeous light-colored ferret. This cap is made to order and the seller gives you an option of one of 24 cap colors, including the gray hat shown above. This is a fun and practical gift any ferret owner will lover.

Attack Ferret Warning Sign

This sign is a great ferret gift idea for an owner with a sense of humor. It says “Caution: Area patrolled by Attack Ferret Security Co.” Made in the USA, this 11″ by 11″ sign is made from high impact styrene. That means it’s weather resistant and can be displayed inside or outside the home. This sign is a fun way to show your love of ferrets while alerting guests that you have ferrets in your home.

Silver Ferret Pendant Necklace

Silver Ferret Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for a ferret gift for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, check this out. This gorgeous piece by Alex Fox Jewelry Studio is something you won’t find in stores. Handmade from sterling silver, this necklace features a beautiful 1.5″ tall ferret charm with a polished oxidised silver finish. If silver isn’t your stile, you can upgrade to gold plated silver for an additional cost. This necklace is a perfect addition to any ferret owner’s jewelry collection.

12″ White Ferret Stuffed Animal

This gift is great for the ferret lover who can’t have a pet ferret. This premium stuffed animal from Hansa is a white ferret made from faux fur from France. Hand finished by Hansa artists, this stuffed ferret is a higher quality than the ones you find in toy stores. It also comes with a tag full of ferret facts, which makes this a great gift for a young child.

They also offer a brown version of their ferret stuffed animal.

Ferret in a Turtleneck Sweater Enamel Pin

Ferret in a Turtleneck Sweater Enamel Pin

I know I said the mug was the cutest ferret gift I’ve seen, but look at this! This handmade, enamel ferret pin features an adorable little ferret wearing a turtleneck sweater and is a little more than an inch tall. When you order, you get a choice between a white ferret with a teal sweater (pictured above) or a black ferret with a purple sweater. This pin will look great on the jacket or bag of any ferret fan.

Ferret Colouring Book For Adults

Adult coloring books are very popular gifts right now, and you can go wrong with this one as a gift for ferret lovers. Feature 30 intricate ferret patterns, this coloring book is perfect to de-stress and unwind after work or any time you need a break or a creative outlet. All of the images are printed single sided, so this is perfect for use with colored pencils or markers. (Check out these recommended adult coloring supplies to include with your gift.)

Happy Ferret T-Shirt

Happy Ferret T-Shirt

If the loved one you’re shopping for enjoys a good graphic tee, they’re going to go gaga over this gift. Made by Killer Bee Moto, this t-shirt features a vintage style illustration of a ferret on a pogo stick with the caption “The happy ferret bounced down the street.” Made to order, its available in a variety of sizes and styles, with seven color options, so this is the perfect ferret gift for anyone on your list.

Ferret Keychain

If you’re looking for a small, cute ferret gift that is perfect as a stocking stuffer or in a gift basket, look no further. This adorable ferret keychain is made of durable stone resin and hand painted to create a realistic animal model. It’s great for keep track of your keys or hanging from a bag or backpack to show someone’s love of fiesty ferrets.

Ferret Art Print

Ferret Art Print

A nice framed print is a classic gift and this modern style print is perfect for ferret lovers. Designed and printed by Julie Ann Studios, the original illustration features a gorgeous brown ferret. Printed on museum quality paper, this art print is great displayed on its own or in a frame. Since they’re printed to order, there are three print sizes and 19 background color options.

Ferret PopSockets Grip

This is the perfect gift for the ferret owner who is addicted to Instagramming their pets. PopSockets grips are great to prop your smartphone up or help keep a good grip on it. This one is a bold green with an adorable ferret illustration. Makes a good ferret stocking stuffer.

Need more gift ideas? Check out our other articles on gifts for animal lovers and exotic pet owners.

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