15 Fun Gifts for Cow Lovers

Is your loved one obsessed with cows? Have you noticed everything they own is in a black and white color scheme? Do they describe themselves as a cow fanatic who dreams of living on a dairy farm? Then you’re in luck because shopping for a present for them will be easy thanks to our collection of fun gifts for cow lovers. Whether they’re a farmer, homesteader, or just a cow fan, there’s a great gift for them on this list.

15 Cute & Funny Cow Gifts

1. Cow Succulent Pot

If your cow obsessed loved one is also a gardener or house plant collector, they will love this. More than a traditional succulent pot, this one is a ceramic cow. It even comes with a classy bamboo tray, perfect for display in a sunny window. Don’t forget to pick up a succulent to gift with it.

2. Resin Cow Keychain

Resin Cow Keychain Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a gift more unique than the typical black cows, check this out. Keychains by Christia makes these cute cow keychains. Using resin, they make these cow head shaped keychains that are embedded with glitters, flowers, or even gold flakes! Each keychain is custom made, so you can select your colors or even blend colors. Add a charm to make it even more personal.

3. Cow Scarf

Fashionable and fun, any lady who loves cows will love this scarf. The soft chiffon silk has a black and white cow print that will compliment any outfit.

4. Cow Onesie

Let them take their cow obsession to the next level by cosplaying their favorite animal. This cozy onesie makes great winter pajamas or an easy Halloween costume. It features a hood that looks like a cow’s head and even a tail. Cute and fun!

5. Cow Chocolates

Cow Chocolates

If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, then this is it! Why get boring chocolates, when you can give your beloved cow chocolates. Chocon Choc handmakes these beautiful chocolate cows. They feature white and dark Belgian chocolate, so you get the traditional black and white spots on the cow. A set of four comes in a cute gift box, ready for giving.

6. Cow Print Sherpa Throw

If you’re looking for a cozy cow gift to give for Christmas or another winter holiday, check this out. This luxury sharp throw blanket is super soft, super warm, and super cow print. Perfect for cuddling up on the couch and watching cow videos on Youtube.

Large 50″ x 70″ Throw

7. Flower Crown Cow Tote Bag

Flower Crown Cow Tote Bag

What better way to display their favorite animal than on a tote bag? Hippie Hound Totes makes these fantastic cattle themed totes. They have three styles available, including regular totes, oversized totes, and the cool zippered tote pictured above. The cow design is hand-printed by the artist, based on original artwork.

8. Cow Slippers

Slippers are a quintessential Christmas gift, but they don’t have to be boring. These slippers will make your loved one moo with excitement. They look like cute black and white cows and feature comfortable foam footbeds. It’s a fun way to keep feet warm around the house.

9. Metal Cow Head Sign

Metal Cow Head Sign

Looking for some unique cow decor? Rusty Rooster Metal Art makes these amazing cow head signs. The cow head is cut from steel and hand rusted to give it an aged patina. This means the sign requires no maintenance and can be displayed indoors or outside.

10. Drinking Cow Wine Bottle Holder

No country themed kitchen is complete without a barnyard wine holder and this one is perfect for cow lovers. This statue features a cow laying on its back and when you put a bottle of wine in its grip, it looks like it’s chugging in. A funny center piece or counter display item.

11. Cow Earrings

Cow Earrings Gift Ideas

How cute are these cows? Brick House Creations makes these adorable cow earrings. They are affordably priced and great for cow lovers young and old. Lead and nickel free.

12. Kissing Cow & Bull Salt & Pepper Shaker

This cow gift is romantic and cute. This ceramic salt and pepper shaker set features a bull and a cow. Thanks to their magnetic snouts, whenever they’re near they kiss! Cute gift for cow lovers on Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary.

13. Don’t Tip the Cows Game

This is a cow gift perfect for all ages. Don’t Tip the Cows is a stacking game, where you take irregularly shaped cow boxes and try to make a tower. Don’t knock it over or you lose.

For 2 to 3 players, age five and up.

14. Cow Mug

I can’t help chuckling when I see this unique mug. Fashioned like a cow, it features the tell-tale black and white spots and a fun little bonus. The bottom of the mug is held up by a pink udder. This super cute item will stand out around the coffee pot.

15. Cow Socks

Cow loving ladies and fellas will really enjoy this fun and practical gift. It even makes a great stocking stuffer (hah!). This is a set of two cow-themed socks. The first has adorable cow heads printed on a gray background. The second features the classic black and white cow spots. Sized perfectly for adult feet.

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