21 Fun & Adorable Hippo Gifts

Hippos are a loveable animal. While they don’t make very good pets thanks to their large size and giant appetites, they’re still a beloved animal to many hippopotamus fanatics. Whether you’re obsessed with cute hippo Fiona or just love all hippos, these gifts are perfect to put a smile on any hippo lover’s face. From creative to practical gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect present on this list of hippo gifts.

Essential Gifts for Hippo Fanatics

1. Hippo Onesie

Whether you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume or a cuddly warm pair of PJs, this hippo onesie is perfect to buy as a gift (even if you’re just giving it to yourself). It’s made of warm and soft polar fleece and features a tiny hippo tail and a cute hood that looks like a hippo face. This gift is cute and practical.

Available colors: gray, blue, pink

2. Hippo Bookends

Hippo Bookends

If you’re shopping for a hippo fanatic who’s also a bookworm, then this is the perfect present. These hippo bookends are handmade by Pop Pops Furniture Company from bamboo. One side is the hippo head and the other is the tail. They’re sturdy and heavy enough to hold any collection of books.

3. I <3 Hippos Socks

A classic gift, these socks aren’t only practical, they’re super cute! They say “I <3 Hippos" at the cuff and feature a print of embroidered hippos and hearts all down the sock. The sole of the socks also has hippo facts embroidered on it, which makes them surprisingly educational as well.

4. Hippo Mug

Hippo Mug Gift Idea

If the hippopotamus lover you’re shopping for enjoys hot drinks, then this is the must-have gift for them. Designed by Chase me Tees, this 15 oz. mug features a gorgeous blue realistic illustration of a hippo. It’s classy and fun, perfect for a cup of coffee at the office or enjoying some tea at home.

The mugs are made to order and dishwasher and microwave-safe.

5. Hippo Tea Infuser

If your giftee loves tea, then you have to add this infuser to your mug gift. Made from dishwasher-safe silicone, this hippo figure hangs on the edge of your mug while your tea steeps. It’s a cute way to add some extra joy to any hippo lover’s routine.

Made the gift extra special by including some of their favorite loose leaf tea in the package.

6. Hippo Crochet Hat

Hippo Crochet Hat

This is the perfect hippo gift for the Holiday season for anyone in the family. These hand-crocheted hats feature cute hippo faces.

Custom made to order by See Chelles Crafts, they offer the hats in nine different color combinations. They will also take custom orders if you want to get the hat in your giftee’s favorite color. Size options range from newborns to adults, so you can get one for any hippo fanatic.

7. Saving Fiona Book

Ever since the photogenic Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoos, she’s amassed thousands of fans who can’t get enough of the young hippo. Share the story of how this miraculous baby hippo survived with the book Saving Fiona. Hippo fans of any age will appreciate this fun gift.

8. Hippo Bite Earrings

Hippo Bite Earrings

If you’re looking for hippo jewelry, this is a cute gift option. Made from polymer clay, these little blue hippos look like they’re biting your ear when you wear them. This is an adorable pair of earrings for kids, teens, or adults alike.

9. Hippomark – Hippo Bookmark

If the loved one you’re shopping for is a book lover, then this is the perfect hippo gift for them. This bookmark is unlike any other we’ve seen. Slip it into the top of the book and it not only marks your place, but it looks like a hippo swimming just at the surface of the water.

The hippomark makes a great stocking stuffer and is perfect to include in a gift bag with new books.

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10. Hippo Soap

Hippo Soap

This is the perfect addition to a hippo gift basket. These handmade hippo soaps are perfect 3D miniatures of the majestic animal. These are handmade by Oooh La La The Soap bar from coconut milk, with your choice of scent: lavender, sandalwood, sweet pea, heaven scent, or pear berry.

One gray hippo per order. 3 oz size.

11. Hippo Head T-Shirt

This is a t-shirt that will make you feel like a hippo when you wear it. This 100% cotton shirt is made in the USA and features the large photo-realistic image of a hippo head. Every hippo lover needs one of these t-shirts in their closet.

Available in sizes Small through 5X-Large.

12. Hippo Cutting Board

Hippo Cutting Board Gift Ideas

If the hippo lover in your life also loves cooking, this is the perfect gift. These amazing cutting boards come in the shape of a hippo. Each is made from scrap Corian countertop and features rubber feet to keepit from skidding on your countertop. Each also comes with a stand so you can display it like there’s a hippo on your counter. Available in four color options in two different sizes.

13. Hippo Ottoman

Add some playfulness to any room with this adorable hippo ottoman. Covered in leather with cute wooden legs, this footrest is functional and whimsical. This is a sly way to add some playfulness to a grown-up room, or perfect for a playroom. Any hippo lover will appreciate this awesome gift.

14. Hippo Tie Clip

Hippo Tie Clip Gift Idea

There are plenty of guys who are big hippo fans, but a lot of the hippo gifts may be too cutesy for them. This gift is subtle and classy, and a perfect way to show off his hippo love. This silver tie clip features a small hippo charm. It’s perfect to wear in the office or for formal events.

15. Hippo Stress Toy

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect small gift to add to a hippo gift bag, check this out. Perfect for office workers or students, this stress toy is a wide-eyed adorable hippopotamus. A little squeeze will help relieve stress or work hands and fingers sore from typing on a computer all day. The affordable price means you can get a bunch more hippo gifts to go with it.

16. Hippo Lawn Sculptures

Hippo Lawn Ornaments

If you’re shopping for a gardener, this is one of the most perfect hippo gifts. Marts Art makes a variety of sculptures, including lawn ornaments to add a little decoration to any garden or yard. He has a variety of hippo styles, perfect for any lawn. They all look like hippos swimming in the water, just peeking above the surface. The linked item is a bloat of three. They’re made of concrete so they’re safe for year-round display.

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17. Hippo Slippers

A pair of cozy slippers are always appreciated by the receiver, and this pair is absolutely perfect for hippo lovers. These slippers aren’t only adorable, shaped like fuzzy gray hippos, they’re also very comfortable. Available as closed or open-back slippers.

Available in a variety of sizes from toddlers and up to adults. Get a pair for everyone in your family bloat!

18. Girl Walking a Hippo Vinyl Decal

For the girl (or woman!) who’s always wished to have a pet hippo. This vinyl sticker features the silhouette of a girl walking a hippopotamus on a leash. Made from high-quality vinyl, this decal is perfect to display on windows, cars, laptops, or any other surface.

19. Plush Hippo Stuffed Animal

Unfortunately, a pet hippo is out of reach. But this plush toy is a perfectly cuddly option. Available in 12″ and 30″ sizes, this little hippo has realistic details

20. Wooden Hippo Coaster Set

Wooden Hippo Coaster Set

Protect your furniture and show off your love of hippos! Made from laser cut wood, these coasters feature the silhouette of hippos. Choose from nine different colors or get a mixed set. Comes with four coasters or get six coasters for the rainbow set.

21. Hippo Composition Notebook

Rock up to class with this cool hippo notebook! This Composition Book style journal features a pattern of illustrated hippos on a bold yellow background. Perfect for homework, diaries, or general note taking.

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