Best Chinchilla Water Bottles

How to Keep a Chinchilla CoolIt’s obviously to say, but chinchillas need access to an unlimited amount of fresh water. This should be provided in your chinchilla’s cage with a water bottle. Do not give them water in a bowl or crock. Water in a bowl can easily be spilled when your pet chinchilla bounces around the cage or may be contaminated by food, waste, or hair. A chinchilla water bottle is the best way to provide your chin with water.

Glass bottles are recommended because they cannot be chewed, but a plastic water bottle can be used if it is hung in a way that the chinchilla cannot chew on it. The bottle should be hung on the outside of the cage, with only the spout sticking through the bars. Some owners recommend having two water bottles available in case the first one fails, so the chinchilla always has access to water. Here are some recommended bottles to try.

Chinchilla Water Bottles

Lixit 8 oz. Glass Water Bottle

Lixit 8 oz. Glass Chinchilla Water Bottle
Lixit makes some of the best water bottles for pets. It’s what we have used for our exotic pets for years. The chinchilla water bottles are made of sturdy glass which is completely chew proof. The glass is extra thick and our bottles have survived being dropped several times without cracking or breaking.

The 8 oz. size is perfect for chinchillas. The Lixit water bottle comes with spring holder with metal clips to easily attach to the outside of your chinchilla’s cage. Since it’s metal, that means the holder is chew proof as well.

Kaytee 6 oz. Glass Chew Proof Water Bottle

Kaytee 6 oz. Glass Chew Proof Water BottleKaytee provides another chew proof glass bottle option, this time in a 6 oz. size. The bottle attaches to the side of your chinchilla’s cage with a stainless steel spring attachment hanger. The cap is also made of stainless steel, making it 100% chew proof.

The spout includes a double-ball bearing that makes it drip-resistant, creating a vacuum seal.

Also available in 12 oz., 16 oz., and 26 oz. sizes so you can have enough water available no matter how many chins are in a cage.


Lixit 16 oz. Glass Water Bottle

Lixit 16 oz. Glass Water BottleHere’s another great glass water bottle from Lixit. The big difference with this one is it features a rubber stopper to connect the drinking tube to the bottle. The mounting hardware is also stainless steel and more secure than the normal spring mounts.

This water bottle is marketed for birds but works perfectly for a chinchilla. All components can be sterilized in the dishwasher or in boiling water to keep the bottle clean and bacteria-free.

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