20 Cuddly Koala Gifts for Koala Bear Lovers

Sleepy, cuddly koalas are adorable and loved by many. If you have a loved one or family member who is obsessed with these Australian marsupials, you know how their love can take over. Luckily you can also win their heart by giving them an amazing koala present. These koala gift ideas are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other occasion. They range from practical gifts to creative and unique custom made items. Check out all the koala gifts below.

The 20 Best Koala Gifts

Koala Onesie

This gift is practical, fun, and an absolute must-have for koala lovers. This koala onesie is a cuddly replica of a koala bear, perfectly in human form. Available in traditional gray fleece or a fun yellow color, this onesie makes cozy pajamas or a convenient costume.

Koala Bear Bamboo Gel Pen

This is one of the most adorable pens I’ve ever seen. The pens look like a bamboo stalk with a cute koala bear clinging to the cap. They write in black ink, perfect for school, writing a novel, or just jotting down a grocery list. Available as dark gray, light gray, or brown koalas.

Koala Composition Notebook

Once you get your koala pens, you’ll need something to write in. This composition notebook style journal is perfect for koala fans. It features a playful design of koala bears and leaves on a green background. Perfect for school work, writing, or random journaling.

My Puns Are Koala Tea T-Shirt

T-shirts are a classic gift and this one comes with a little humor. The shirt says “My puns are…” and has an illustration of a koala and a cup of tea. Read together it’s “My puns are koala-tea.” We can’t help chuckling at that and we know any koala lover will get a kick out of this shirt.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in black, navy, asphalt, red, and purple.

Koala Socks

Socks are a classic Christmas gift, but this pair has a little extra whimsy. These socks feature an adorable pattern of koalas and hearts. This is a perfect gift for koala lovers.

Koala Name Puzzle Sign

Koala Name Puzzle Sign

Puzzimals specializes in making puzzle name signs in the shapes of a variety of animals. This one is essential for any koala fans, as it features the word “koala” in the shape of a koala on a branch. They also make custom pieces, so you could try contacting them to see if they’d make a personalized piece with your loved one’s name.

Stuffed Koala Mom & Baby

Unfortunately, you can’t have a koala as a pet, no matter how cuddly and adorable they are. But this plushie is the next best thing! This koala stuffed animal is an 11.5″ figure of a mother and her baby bear. This adorable pair is perfect if you’re looking for koala gifts.

Koala Eyeglass Holder

This is a really fun and unique gift for Koala fans. What looks like a simple koala figurine is actually a holder for your eyeglasses! Just perch your glasses on the koala’s nose to keep them safely stored. Great for bedside or on your office desk.

Hugging Koalas Salt & Pepper Shakers

This gift might actually be too cute. These salt and pepper shakers are a pair of koalas that fit together in an adorable hug. They are ceramic shakers which are hand-painted, with beautiful life-like details. These are great for the dinner table or displaying on a shelf.

Handmade Koala Earrings

Handmade Koala Earrings

If you’re looking for jewelry to give as a koala gift, check out these earrings. Handmade with polymer clay by Minervabelle, both earrings feature an adorable koala face. The details are so cute and since these earrings are handmade, each pair is unique. This is perfect if you’re looking for koala gifts.

Cuddly Koala Slippers

This is the perfect gift for winter holidays. These koala slippers feature an adorable koala on the foot who looks like he’s just waiting for a hug. In addition to their fun appearance, these slippers are super comfortable, featuring a 1″ foam rubber bottom that feels like walking on a pillow. These are perfect to slip on after a long day of work.

Available in sizes for kids, and adults.

Koala Earwarmer Headband

Koala Earwarmer Headband

This is a perfect winter gift for that koala-loving kid in your life. Hand crocheted by Sew Cute Quilt and Knit, this gray headband features fuzzy ears that transform any child into a koala bear. It’s sized for kids between 4 and 13 years old. They even offer an adult version if you want to pick one up for yourself.

Koala Mug

Mugs make great koala gifts and this one is so cool! Instead of having a traditional hand hold, it has two ears on the side, so the mug itself looks like a koala’s head.

Made from porcelain. Include some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a memorable gift box.

Koala Balls Bath Bombs

This is the perfect koala gift for the stressed out lady (or guy) in your life that enjoys soaking in a nice bath. Koala balls are hilariously named bath bombs. Made in the USA, they are black and green bath bombs that make a fun Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer.

Koala Drink Markers

This is the perfect gift for that koala lover in your life who also loves to entertain. We all know that classic party conundrum: everyone is having a good time, sets down their and drink and then doesn’t know which glass belongs to them. These adorable koala markers come in six different colors to clip onto the stem of a wine glass or a straw so everyone knows which drink is theirs.

Add a bottle of their favorite wine to make a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

Koala and Baby Pendant Necklace

Koala and Baby Pendant Necklace

This is unlike any other koala necklace we’ve seen. Made makes this necklace unique is that the pendant is made from a commemorative Australian coin. The artist removes the excess parts of the coin, leaving behind momma and baby. This is a great gift for koala lovers and it makes a fantastic Mother’s Day gift.

Koala Night Light

This is a cute and practical gift for young koala fans. This adorable night light is shaped like a koala. The perfect accessory for any koala lover’s room, it’s made of soft silicone. You can change the color of the light to match any decor or mood.

Canned Koala Gift

This is a gift they’ll never guess what it is when it’s wrapped. This is a tin can with a cute koala inside. It’s sealed inside so it has to be opened with a can opener. This is perfectly sized to be a stocking stuffer or makes a great White Elephant gift.

Koala’s March Cookies

Tasty snacks make great presents, especially if you’re putting together a gift basket. Koala’s March cookies are a must-have treat for people who love koalas. These are koala shaped cookies filled with delicious chocolate. This family pack has 10 individual packs inside, so they can enjoy these yummy cookies whenever they get a snack craving.

Koala Bear Sneakers

These kicks are so cute! These sneakers features an adorable print of koalas and leaves, but the brand actually offers a variety of koala themed designs in a variety of colors. A fun a practical gift for koala fans.

Available in sizes for men and women.

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