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Pet Rabbit Toys & Bunny Chews - Digging Toys
While most of pet rabbit supply shopping is about buying the essentials, there is one thing to buy for your bunny that is all about fun: toys! Sometimes I think toy shopping is as fun for me as the playtime my rabbits get. While toys may seem incidental, they’re actually a really important part of your bunny’s health and happiness.

You should provide a variety of toys for rabbits to play with inside and outside of their cage. The toys will provide something for your rabbit to do when you’re not around, helping to stimulate their intelligence and preventing boredom, which can cause depression. (This is especially important for solitary bunnies who don’t have companions to interact with.) Pet rabbit toys also provide a safe outlet for your rabbit to chew and shred, saving your baseboards, furniture, and power cords from a nibbling bun. Toys are also perfect to encourage activity and exercise. When they have toys to jump on, dig in, or chase around, your rabbit will get essential exercise that will help keep their body fit and avoid obesity and other health issues.

Now that you understand the importance of safe and stimulating bunny toys, this article covers all the different types of toys you can offer your pet.

Rabbit Toys & Fun Stuff

The best toys for rabbits are made of safe materials, challenge their intelligence and curiosity, and help support bunny’s natural instincts like chewing and digging. A good variety of toys with help keep your bunny entertained no matter their mood. When you first get a new pet rabbit, it may take a bit of trial and error to discover what types of toys your bunny enjoys and what materials they like to chew. We have tons of ideas of toy types to consider.

When shopping for rabbit toys, keep the following in mind:

  • Hard plastic is okay (make sure your rabbit is not ingesting plastic)
  • Avoid toxic dyes and paints. Food grade coloring is OK
  • Make sure any wood toys are made from wood that is not toxic to rabbits
  • Recycled cardboard that is clean and free of ink is fine (make sure your rabbit is not ingesting the cardboard)

If you’re considering buying a toy for your rabbit, especially one that doesn’t list what type of wood or materials it’s made of, always err on the side of caution. If you’re not sure that a toy is safe for your bun, don’t give it to them.

Safe and Fun Rabbit Toys

What Kinds of Toys do Rabbits Like?

Good rabbit toys come in many different types to appeal to different rabbit opinions and stimulate natural behaviors. But each rabbit will have their own preferences. Some bunnies love shredding and digging but don’t care about ball rolling toys. Your rabbit may also have a favorite type of wood they like to chew on. As you get to know your pet, they’ll make their preferences known, but you may need to experiment in the beginning. While each bunny is unique, these toy types are popular with most rabbits.

Chews – Made from rabbit safe wood and other material, the whole purpose of chew toys are to give your rabbit a safe outlet to chew. These can be wood pieces, tossing toys, or hanging toys.

Hanging Toys – Perfect for hanging inside your rabbit’s cage or pen, these toys are often made of wood and other chewable materials.

Shredding Toys – Designed to harness your bun’s destructive energy. These toys allow them to shred and destroy, keeping them occupied and away from your curtains and blankets.

Digging Toys – People’s houses don’t have the natural environment that rabbits crave. Digging toys allows rabbits to exercise their digging instincts while providing a great workout and wearing down their nails.

Puzzles & Treats Dispensing Toys – Designed to stimulate your bunny’s curiosity and slow down quick eaters, these toys are fun and rewarding.

Tossing Toys – Typically a type of floor toy, these are a variety of toys that your rabbit can pick up in their mouth and throw. Many are made from wood and double as chew toys.

Exploring Toys – These are larger toys like boxes, baskets, tunnels, houses, and “jungle gyms” that allow your bunny to explore, play, climb, and hop at the same time.

Rollings Toys – Rabbits love pushing things around with their noses. From simple hard rubber or plastic balls to fun treat dispensing balls.

To keep your rabbits from getting bored, make sure to provide them with a variety of toys, not just different toy types but toys made of different materials. You may even rotate toys or rearrange hanging toys during your weekly cage cleaning to keep their environment fresh and exciting.

Check out the next section to see some of our recommended rabbit toys.

Best Bunny Toys to Buy

There are tons of toys available online and in pet stores that are marketed towards rabbits. But like many other rabbit supplies, just because a company says it’s for bunnies doesn’t mean it’s actually safe for your precious bun. Every toy or chew you give your pet needs to be made of rabbit-safe materials because your bun will be chewing on them and possibly ingesting pieces of the toys. Make sure you reference the list of rabbit safe wood and materials before you buy any pre-made toys. If a toy doesn’t say what kind of wood or dyes it is made of, do NOT buy them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re shopping in a local pet store, make sure to look in the small pet section as well as the bird department and even the cat aisle. Many bird toys are made from safe wood and materials that rabbits enjoy. Hard plastic cat toys are great for tossing or rolling.

Since I know it’s time-consuming to research every possible toy or chew, we’ve listed some options for you that we’ve already vetted as rabbit safe.

Hanging Toys

The perfect way to add some fun to cage time, hanging toys will keep your bun entertained. Wood toys work really well for this since they allow your rabbit to wear down their ever-growing teeth.

Shredding & Chewing Toys

While you can just buy some sticks and twigs made from rabbit safe wood and give them to your bunny, sometimes toys designed to be destroyed are a little more fun. (If you’re interested in buying plain sticks, check out the Toy Parts section below). All of these bunny toys are made to let your pet get out their chewing and destructive energy. (Learn about how to stop rabbits from chewing on furniture.)

Digging Toys

While a DIY box of hay or shredded paper works just fine, sometimes you want to give your rabbit more ways to expend their digging energy. These toys are the perfect workout for dig-happy buns.

For an easy DIY digging box, get a rectangular litter box and fill with shredded newspaper, hay, and other materials your bunny can dig in.

Puzzle & Treat Dispensing Toys

These toys are designed to help stimulate bored bunnies and give you an exciting way to feed them pellets or treats. Intelligent bunnies will figure out puzzles quickly, so it is good to rotate them with other toys to prevent boredom.

Bunny Tossing Toys

Perfect for use in a cage or during playtime, tossing toys go on the floor for when your bun wants to practice throwing. Rabbit tossing toys can include chewable toys made from bunny safe material or hard plastic toys. Baby toys and cat toys are popular for this. Plastic slinkies are favorites of many bunnies.

Rabbit Exploring Toys

These toys are great for free-roaming bunnies or to keep in your rabbit’s play area. Tunnels and houses are good for exploring, crawling through, and hopping on top of. Other toys are more for mental stimulation with some physical elements like a jungle gym or toy table.

Rabbit Houses & Boxes

If you don’t want to go the DIY route to build your rabbit a cardboard box house, there are plenty of shops and websites that sell pre-made “houses.” (Check out some DIY suggestions in the next section.)

Rabbit Asas Wood sells amazing rabbit houses and castles made from wood. They are pricier than cardboard options, but they’re guaranteed to last for years, even against the most voracious chewers.

Cacao Pets on Etsy offers extremely elaborate cardboard houses perfect for your bun. From castles to cathedrals and even pirate ships, these houses are cool and fun for buns and owners alike.

Binky Bunny also sells some cool cardboard rabbit houses and tunnels. They come in many different packs and pieces that can be combined together for any size play space.

Check out more of our favorite rabbit hideouts.

Pet Rabbit Tunnels

Rolling Toys

Rabbits love to nudge and roll balls with their nose. Turn it into an interactive “game” with your bun by setting up plastic bowling pins and letting them knock each one down.

Etsy Stores that Sell Rabbit Toys

If you want to support small business owners and other rabbit parents who love making toys for rabbits, these Etsy Stores make a variety of safe toys for your bun.

Farmer Dave Pet Supply (USA) – In addition to selling a variety of delicious hay and treats, this story also offers organic apple wood toys. Check out the tossing toys, hanging toys, and chew sticks.

Folklore Rabbit Toys (USA) – Run by a geeky bunny owner, this shop as fun and unique toys, like mystery boxes that rabbits can destroy to reveal the contents. She also sells make your own toy kits, which are great if you have a hankering for DIY but don’t want to do a lot of work sourcing toy parts. (Learn more about DIY toys in the next section.)

White Rabbit Pet Care (USA) – This shop features a variety of fun and colorful toys for rabbits and other exotic pets. All of the options are very affordable and perfect to be destroyed by your bun.

Bunny Bliss (USA) – With a shop full of handmade toys and chews for rabbits, there’s lots of interesting options at affordable prices for discerning bunny owners.

Fuzzy’s Toy Shop (USA) Fuzzy’s focuses on toys and fun for rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. I really like their “toy baskets” which come with a variety of bunny safe toys, perfect to help new owners identify their pet’s favorites.

Dumbo Rats for Days (UK) – While this shop is dedicated to dumbo rats, they’re a great option for rabbit safe toys in the UK. They have plenty of hanging toys perfect for bunnies to chew on.

Bless Their Cottontail (Australia) – For bunnies down under, this shop carries cute and tastey treats and toys for rabbits.

DIY Homemade Bunny Toys

If you’re looking for rabbit toys to make yourself, there are tons of options. Like human babies, your fuzzy bunny children are easily amused by recycled cardboard and paper items they can toss, shred, and hop around. If you want to get fancy with your DIY toys, there are also supplies and toy parts you can buy online.

DIY Rabbit Cardboard House

Toys Made From Household Supplies

There’s tons of stuff around your house that can be safely repurposed for rabbit fun. If you’re new to rabbits or still trying to figure out what kinds of toys your bunny likes, this is a good place to start because it requires minimal money investment. Here’s some stuff you might have around the house to entertain your pet:

  • Cardboard Boxes – Fun for bunnies to crawl inside, hop on top, chew, and scratch. Try to create two points of entry by cutting the sides of the box.
  • Paper Bags – Can be used for digging, shredding, crawling inside, etc. Can also use lunch sized bags to put hay, pellets, and treats inside to make a fun feeder/shredder bag.
  • Cardboard Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls – Can be given as is for chewing and tossing, or make into DIY cardboard toys.
  • Phone Book – Your old yellow pages are perfect for bunny shredding.
  • Hand and Bath Towels – Perfect for digging, pushing, and scooting.
  • Plastic Laundry Detergent Caps – Once thoroughly cleaned, these are perfect for tossing.

If you’re willing to do a little work, these are some easy DIY toys you can create using household supplies:

  • DIY cardboard paper rolltoys
  • Dig Box – Take a cardboard box or a plastic litter box and fill it with shredded paper, hay, old towels, or other soft material so your bun can dig to their heart’s content.

Note: anything you give to your rabbit will be chewed on to some degree, so make sure you only give them “toys” that you don’t mind having destroyed.

Toy Parts

If you’re crafty or enjoy making things yourself, you can easily create safe and fun toys for your pet rabbit. We have plenty of recommendations for toy parts to buy for your bunny. Some of these items you may be able to find at your local pet store.

Toy Chains, Strings, etc.

If you want to make your own hanging toys or toss toys, you’ll need something to tie or link them together. There are two ways to do this, either with something reusable that your chin cannot chew or with a chinchilla safe material that they will destroy with the toy.

Resuable Toy Parts
Kaytee Stainless Steel Kabob Dispenser
Nickle Plated Chain
Nickle Plated Bell
Nickle Plated Pear Links

Destroyable Toy Parts
Sisal Rope
Braided Seagrass Rope

Toy Parts

Some of these toy parts, like sticks and such, can be given to your pet chinchilla on their own. You can also create hanging toys or toss toys with them. These toy parts are all chinchilla safe and easy to order from Amazon.

Wood Chews and Toy Parts

Etsy Stores That Sell Toy Parts

A Bird Toy – Christina’s shop specializes in toys and toy parts for birds and her huge selection also includes toy parts that are good for rabbits.

Chinvilla (USA) – It’s no surprise that this chinchilla shop has a lot to offer rabbit owners. Check out their toy parts section where they sell bulk wood pieces and vine toys.

Other Sites that Sell Toy Parts

Small Pet Select – Known for their awesome rabbit hay, Small Pet Select also sells a variety of rabbit safe toys and chews which can be used to build your own toys. They have a variety of wood and grass options your bun will love to destroy.

Binky Bunny – A favorite among rabbit owners, BB mostly sells premade toys, but they do offer toy parts and wood chunks.

Ronda’s Chinchilla Supplies – While this is a chinchilla supply sight, Ronda sells wood by the pound. You can purchase twigs, sticks, coin, and chunks–just check with the rabbit safe wood list before you order.. She also sells other toy parts like vines, coconut shell, and more.

Make sure playtime is a safe time for your rabbit. Learn how to rabbit proof your home.