Chinchilla Hammocks and Fleece Beds

Fleece Chinchilla HammockYour chinchilla’s cage should have somewhere soft and cuddly for them to sleep and rest. This is to give them a soft surface to be on as a break from the wood and wire elsewhere in their cage. This can be provided by adding a bed, or installing a chinchilla hammock. You may be wondering, do chinchillas like hammocks? In our experience, they love them!

Like anything you put in your chinchilla’s cage, you want to make sure it’s made out of a safe material because your pet will likely try to chew and shred it. Usually, when it comes to fabrics, fleece is the best for chinchillas because it doesn’t fray and they are less likely to chew it compared to other fabrics. (Some voracious chewers will eat fleece as well and should not be given fleece.) Many people will use fleece liners to cover plastic shelves in their cage and as a litter alternative.

When you are shopping for chinchillas beds and hammocks at the pet store, make sure to read the labels to ensure they are made from fleece. Just because they call something a “chinchilla hammock” does not mean it’s good for chinchillas. We have some suggestions for you that should be safe for your pet chinchilla.

Chinchilla Hammock and Beds

Ware Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent for Chinchillas

Ware Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent for ChinchillasThis is a fun and cozy option for you pet chinchilla. It combines the comfort of a hammock with the sense of security provided by a chinchilla house or hideout.

Made from double fleece, it attaches to your cage’s ceiling with nylon straps and clips. Since there’s no fillers or foams, this hanging tent is completely washable so you can keep it clean.

Size: 9-Inch Width By 12-Inch Depth By 10-Inch Height

Ware Jumbo Fleece Hammock

Another fleece hammock that’s easy to find in pet stores, this extra-large hammock is made of double fleece to make it cozy and safe for your chin. This is a great option if you have a pair of chinchillas that like to lay and sleep together. They’ll have plenty of room in this hammock.

Size: 24″ long by 17″ wide

Handmade Chinchilla Hammock

Handmade Chinchilla HammockIf you’re looking for more of a traditional chinchilla hammock, Furry Friends of Mine offers affordable and cute hammocks. These cuddly fleece hammocks are made to order from 18 different color options, so you can get one that matches your cage’s decor.

This hammock easily attached to the top of your chin’s cage with metal hooks and will create a bed they’ll love to nap in.

Size: Small 12″ x 12″, Large 16″ x 16″

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla Tube

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla TubeWe love these, and I bet your chin will too. These fleece chinchilla tubes not only serve as a soft and cuddly hammock, but they add another fun element to your cage setup. Your chin will love running through this hammock like a tunnel.

These fleece tunnels are made to order to your specifications so they will match the rest of your cage decor. This item easily attaches to the top of your cage with metal hooks. Super cute and fun for your chinchilla too.

Sizes: Small 10″ long 5″ diameter, Large 12″ long 5.5″ diameter

Fleece Chinchilla Corner Hammock

Fleece Chinchilla Corner HammockWant a hammock but your cage layout doesn’t support hanging something from the ceiling? Maybe you want to add more soft surfaces to your cage. These corner hammocks are perfect for chinchillas.

With 13 different color options, these hammocks are handmade from fleece. They can be hand washed or machine washed to keep your cage clean. They attach to the side of the cage with metal hooks which means they should last longer since chins can’t chew through metal.

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla Cube

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla CubeIf you’re looking for a bed that doubles as a hideout or house, this is a great option. This reinforced fleece cube hangs from the ceiling of your cage and provides a cozy home for your chinchilla to sleep and nap.

The cube is completely enclosed except for the opening hole so your chin will feel safe as they snooze. If you’re looking for a bed that can sit on a shelf or the cage floor, this cube will work for that as well.

Each cube is custom made, so you can choose from dozens of cute fabrics.

Chinchilla Cuddle Cup Bed

Chinchilla Cuddle Cup Bed

“Cuddle cups” are very popular among small pet owners because they make a cozy and soft bed. Handmade from fleece, these circular beds have a cut-out on one side making it easy for your chin to get in and out.

This fleece bed is only big enough for one chinchilla, so make sure to buy two if you have a pair of chins. Since this bed is made when you order, you can choose from over a dozen pattern options.

Size: 4″ height, 8″ diameter

While you’re shopping for chinchilla cage accessories don’t forget to buy other essential chinchilla “furniture.” Make sure your chinchilla has a house or hideout. They should also have plenty of chinchilla ledges and perches to jump and climb on.