Chinchilla Houses, Nest Boxes, and Hideouts

Chinchilla Houses, Nest Boxes, and HideoutsWhen setting up your chinchilla’s cage, there are a few necessary accessories to meet their unique needs. In addition to shelves and perches a chinchilla also needs a safe space where they can go and hide. This is a spot where they will often sleep or seek refuge from stressful noises and situations. Often called a chinchilla house, some owners may call them a hide away, hidey house, or nest box.

The type of chinchilla house you choose will depend on a lot of factors, including how many chinchillas live in the cage, the cage size and layout, and the preference of your pet chinchilla. You want to avoid any hidey houses made from unsafe materials, including plastic or unsafe wood. (Check out this list of chinchilla safe wood.) Most chinchilla houses are made of kiln-dried pine wood, though you can find some nest boxes that are metal and other hidey houses made from different materials.

If you have multiple chinchillas in a cage, you may want to consider buying a house large enough that they can sleep in it together. You should also make sure there is 1 hideout for each chinchilla in case they need a little space and want to sleep alone.

If you buy a hideout made of wood it may need to be replaced after a couple of years of gnawing, but a good quality wooden chinchilla house should last much longer than that. Some houses are meant to be mounted to the side or ceiling of the cage and others will need to be placed on a solid floor in the cage (usually the bottom floor). We’ve rounded up some chinchilla safe house options for you to consider for your pet’s cage.

Chinchilla Houses and Nesting Boxes

Chinnie Country Cottage

Chinnie Country Cottage Chinchilla House

This is a good option for a wooden chinchilla house that can be placed on the cage floor. Made from kiln-dried pine wood, it features 1 or 2 round doorways that your chin can customize the look by chewing on the edges. The gable roof looks like a traditional house, making it a cute option.

Comes fully assembled. This hut is assembled with wood staples, which shouldn’t cause a problem. If your chin gets very destructive, make sure to keep an eye on their chewing. Once the staples become visible, you should replace the house.

Dimensions: 12″ long, 7.5″ wide, roof peaks at 7″

Large Pine Wood Chinchilla Hideout

Large Pine Wood Chinchilla Hideout

This spacious chinchilla hideout is perfectly size for a pair of chinchilla. Made from kiln dried pinewood by Fluffy Feet Designs, it features a door as well as a large “sky light” so your chinchilla has two options to enter and exit. It also features two small windows ready to be chewed and customized.

It’s the perfect size for your chinchillas to cuddle up inside and sleep.

Dimensions: 11.25″ wide, 11.25″ long, 6.25″ high

The Duplex Wood Chinchillla House

The Duplex Wood Chinchillla House

If you’ve got two or more chinchillas and want to give them plenty of space in case they need alone time, this house provides. Handmade by Chinovations from kiln dried pin, it’s design with active chinchillas in mind. This two story house doubles as a play house and a hideout. Two levels for playing or sleeping, the ramp makes it easy to read the upstairs. Plenty of entrance and “window” holes throughout so it’s easy for your chin to get in and out while providing plenty of ventilation.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 12 high

Hanging Pine Wood Chinchilla House

Hanging Pine Wood Chinchilla House

If you’re looking for a chinchilla hide away you can mount on the side of your cage, check out this woodden house. This is like a deluxe chinchilla home. It features a round door and some ventilation holes, as well as a balcony ledge and a poop guard on the top.

It comes with all the mounting material you need, but it needs to be mounted in the corner of the cage.

Dimensions: 11″ x 11″ x 8″ high (the house is 11″ long x 7″ wide x 8″ high)

Chinchilla Nest Box

Chinchilla Nest Box

If your chinchilla tears through wood faster than you can replace it or has a bad habit of peeing in thier house, this nest box is a great option. Made from galvanized steel, the box itself is chew proof and easy to clean. The front door is made of solid wood giving them something to chew (and can easily be replaced).

This is also a great option for chinchillas that live in warm climates because the steel will create a cool surface for them to sleep on. Comes with mounting hardware to attach to the cage bars.

Dimensions: 7″w x 9″d x 8″h.

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla Cube

Hanging Fleece Chinchilla Cube

If you’re looking for a softer option for your chinchilla’s house, this fleece cube is a great option. While chins may shred other fabrics, fleece is safe option in their cage. This reinforced cube hangs from the ceiling of your cage and provides a cozy home for your chinchilla to sleep and nap.

This cube can replace a hammock and still fulfill the needs of a chinchilla hideout since it’s completely enclosed.

Dimensions: 7in x 7in x 7in, opening is 4in

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Ceramic Chinchilla Hideout

Ceramic Chinchilla Hideout House

If your chinchilla is an insatiable chewer, this ceramic chinchilla house is a great option they can’t destroy. Shaped like a chinchilla (even with cute ears!), it’s a cozy little home for your chin to nap in. These are great for summer because the ceramic will keep your chin cool. They’re also easy to clean.

If you have more than one chinchilla, we recommend getting one for each of them.

Dimensions: 9″ tall and 7.5″ wide

Colors: pink, yellow, vlue

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