Chinchilla Hay Feeder, Rack, or Holder

Chinchilla Hay Feeder, Rack, or HolderHay is a crucial part of a chinchilla’s diet. It provides essential fiber and gives them a chance to chew and grind down their teeth a little. Because it’s so important, your pet chinchilla needs to have unlimited access to clean and fresh hay. Because chinchillas can be a little messy and often have a tendency to pee on hay placed on the floor or a shelf in their cage, using a chinchilla hay feeder is the best way to keep the hay clean and reduce messes.

When shopping for a chinchilla hay rack you should keep a couple of things in mind. First, consider where you want the hay holder to be located in your chinchilla’s cage. Will it need to hang from the side of the cage or the ceiling? Next, look at the materials it is made out of. Easily accessible plastic parts should be avoided if your chin is a chewer. You should also consider size (or buying multiple racks) if you have more than one chinchilla.

Here are some of our recommendations for economical and fun chinchilla hay feeders.

Chinchlla Hay Feeder and Holder

Lixit Chinchilla Hay Rack

Lixit Chinchilla Hay RackLixit offers another affordable hay rack that easily attaches to any chinchilla cage. The big pro for this feeder is that since it’s made of a solid piece of plastic, it does a better job of holding in hay than the wire version. That helps reduce messes outside of the cage.

The con is that it is made out of plastic. The rack is easy to install and easy to clean, but you should take into consideration how much of a chewer your chinchilla is before you buy this rack. Note: because this hay feeder is made entirely of plastic, it should be hung on the outside of your chinchilla’s cage. They will be able to eat the hay through the bars of the cage.

Dimensions: 10.5″ length x 3.5″ width x 4″ depth

Chinchilla Cut Out Wood Hay Feeder Box

Chinchilla Cut Out Wood Hay Feeder BoxThis is a cute and chinchilla-safe hay feeder option. Made from pine wood, this hay box has the silhouette of a chinchilla cut into the side so your pet can easily eat their favorite timothy hay. The top is fully open to allow your chin two ways to access to hay and to make it easy to refill.

Handmade in the USA, the box features hooks on the back to easily secure it to the side of the cage.

Dimensions: 6″ x 4″ x 5″

Semi-Octagonal Wood Chinchilla Hay Feeder

Semi-Octagonal Wood Hay FeederIf you’re looking for a more modern style wooden hay feeder, this semi-octagonal one may fit your needs. Hand made in the USA from kiln-dried pine, this feeder is chinchilla safe and a great way to offer unlimited hay. The top is open for easy refilling and your chin can easily eat hay out of the holes.

This chinchilla hay feeder comes with bolt, washer, and nut mounting gear. The rack can be mounted to your cage wall vertically or horizontally. This is a great option for a chew friendly hay rack.

Dimensions: 8-3/4″L, 7-1/4″ W, 4-1/4″ D, diameter of holes: 2″

Update: Do Not Use the Wire Hay Balls

Hay Food Ball for ChinchillasI used to recommend this wire hay ball for chinchillas and other small pets because I’ve used it for years with rabbits and chinchillas with no problem. I learned that some pet owners have had tragic and even deadly experiences with them.

It’s very easy for chinchillas and guinea pigs to get their heads stuck inside these balls, which if it isn’t discovered quickly can be deadly. Other owners have shared experiences where their chinchillas have gotten legs and arms stuck in them, which requires amputation.

Do not give your chinchilla any wire hay racks or balls. They can be deadly.

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