The Ultimate Kitty Cat Gift List: 50 Gift Ideas for Kitten Lovers

Bow down to our feline overlords! If you love cats or have a friend or family member who is obsessed with kittens, this article is for you. We’ve found the coolest, cutest, and most unique kitty-themed gifts online. These ferocious and funny cat gift ideas make perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and other gift-giving occasions. Check them out below and try not to buy all of them!

50 Awesome Cat & Kitten Gifts

1. Ceramic Cat Measuring Spoons

The cat loving cook in your life can add some feline energy to any dish with this adorable measuring spoons! Made from durable ceramic, these measuring spoons feature smiling kitty faces. A fun and practical gift for any cat owner.

2. Kitty Cat Planters

Kitty Cat Planters

If your loved one is a gardener, they’ll love this cat-themed planter. 3D printed by Meow3DStore, these cute pots are shaped like cat heads. They come in a variety of sizes, from small ones perfect for succulents to mega-sized ones perfect for small cat safe houseplants. Available in 14 color options to match any home decor.

3. Spotted Cats Crossbody Bag

This unique purse features a gorgeous artsy design with two-spotted cats. This crossbody bag has a zipper closure perfect for carrying your keys, wallet, and even some cat treats.

4. Personalized Cat Bookmark

Personalized Cat Bookmark Kitty Gift Idea

A bookmark makes a lovely stocking stuffer for readers, and this one is perfect for someone who likes to cuddle up with a good book and their cat. Bykauri makes these beautiful metal bookmarks that can be personalized for the receiver. Available in gold, copper, silver, black, or gray, they have a cat’s silhouette at the top and the name of your beloved at the bottom. Purr-fect stocking stuffer for book lovers.

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5. Cat-Opoly Board Game

The ultimate board game for the cat-obsessed. Take Monopoly, but add a bunch of cats. Instead of buying properties, you are collecting cat breeds while avoiding fleas, water, and other cat obstacles. For ages 8 and up, fun for the whole family.

6. Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Cat Painting Gift Idea

This is the ultimate gift for the pet owner obsessed with their cat. Zk Portraits Workshop will take a photograph of your cat and turn it into a regal antique-looking painting. This makes a unique and fully personal gift for cat owners.

7. Cats Welcome, People Tolerated Sign

This sign should be on display in any cat lover’s home. This woodblock sign, perfect for display on a shelf or wall, says, “Cats welcome, people tolerated.” Funny gift for any introverts with cats.

8. Avocato Tote Bag Cat Gift

Avocato Tote Bag Cat Gift

This is a funny gift for cat lovers. This cute tote bag says “Avocato” a fun play on avocados. The illustration is an avocado with a cat face where the pit is. I love this!

9. Silver Cat Ring Holder

Cute and classy on a nightstand or dresser, this ring holder features a silver cat. The head and tail can hold your bracelets, necklaces, and rings while displaying your favorite animal. Meow!

10. Custom Cat Portrait Necklace

Custom Cat Portrait Necklace

This one of a kind gift is perfect for any cat owner who really loves their kitty. Mignon and Mignon will take a picture of your loved one’s cat and engrave it on a beautiful pendant with the cat’s name. If your loved one has more than one pet, you can order a pendant for each one in gold, rose gold, or silver.

11. Hanging Cat Necklace

If your loved one doesn’t have anything to put in their cat ring dish, this necklace is a good start. Made from sterling silver, this beautiful necklace features a hanging cat pendant. Classy for dressing up or cute for a casual look. Nice gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

12. Cat Coasters

Cat Coasters

This cute home accessory is a great gift for cat owners. This set of four coasters comes with two striped coasters and the other two have adorable cat faces. A lovely addition to any living room that keeps your furniture safe from beverage rings.

13. Handicat Novelty Finger Puppet

This is the perfect way to embody your favorite animal. Be the cat with the Handicat finger puppet. Wear the cat head and four paws on your fingers to form your own cat puppet. Tons of fun for all ages.

14. Cat Socks

Socks are a practical gift–but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too! This set of socks comes in a variety of colors with adorable paw prints and cat faces at the ankle. The detail I really love is the cat ears! So cute, adds a lot of fun to any outfit.

15. Peeking Cat Umbrella

Peeking Cat Umbrella

If you hate getting wet as much as a cat does, here’s a cute way to stay dry. This white umbrella has adorable peeking cats on the edge, so you can stay dry and fashionably cute at the same time.

16. Cat Face Mug

This is a super cool gift for cat owners. This glass mug has a cat snout and whiskers painted on the side, so when you drink out of it you look like a cat! Make sure to include some of their favorite tea or coffee to create a fun gift bag.

17. Funny Cat Hair Pillow

Funny Cat Hair Pillow

This hilarious and honestly blunt pillow states the reality all cat owners deal with: “This pillow is probably covered in cat hair.” Any cat lover with a sense of humor will appreciate this funny throw pillow.

18. Cat Butt Magnets

Regular magnets are lame, but these are super cool. This set of six magnets is cat butts, ready for your fridge or locker. Standing at 2″ tall this is a funny gift for any kitty lover.

19. Cat Soap

Cat Soap

This is an adorable addition to any bathroom. Tatiana Cats and More makes this adorable cat soap. Shaped like a napping kitten, its made from organic oatmeal which is a great natural moisturizer. it’s perfectly sized to give as a stocking stuffer or slip in a spa themed gift bag.

20. Cat Paw Oven Mitts

If you want a pawsome cat gift with a practical use, check this out. These oven mitts look like cat paws, complete with cute pink toe beans. It adds some extra fun to cooking and baking in your home kitchen.

21. Cat Cookie Cutters

If you want to inspire your loved one to make some tasty treats, give this with those oven mitts. This set of sixcat shaped cookie cutters is perfect for making feline-themed treats. Made from tin-plated steel, this set will make cute and tasty kitten cookies.

22. Black & White Cat Onesie

Me-ow! Embody your favorite pet, literally. This cozy and cute onesie lets you live like a cat. Features a cute cat tail and a hood that looks like a cat’s face. Cozy pajamas or a lazy Halloween costume!

23. Cat Pearl Earrings

If you want a subtle kitty gift or something with a romantic tone, check out these earrings. Made with beautiful freshwater pearls, these stud earrings feature classy cat ears. Perfect for dressing up or wearing casually, these earrings are great gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day.

24. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Some people dream of becoming that crazy cat lady who lives alone with all her cute kitties. This is the perfect gift for them! The crazy cat lady action figure comes with six cats. She can lounge in her bathrobe with her beloved pets.

25. Chiffon Cat Scarf

Winter holidays call for cozy gifts, but this one is fashionable too! This lovely chiffon scarf features a print of cats. It’s subtle enough to be worn with any outfit but at the same time full of cat fun!

Available in black, beige, or pink.

26. Astro Cat Enamel Pin

Sci-fi fans who are cat lovers will love this super cute pin. This enamel pin features a cat in a space suit. Instead of NASA, he works for NAPS. 1.25″ tall, this adorable pin is a perfect stocking stuffer.

27. Cat Butt Adult Coloring Book

This is an “off color” adult color book because the main focus is cat butts! This hilarious coloring book is a fun gift for cat lovers who are edgy and appreciate every feature of a cat. Don’t forget to get some colored pencils and markers to go with it.

28. Cat Pens

Brighten up school or work with these adorable cat pens. This set of 12 kawaii cat pens feature adorable kitty faces on the caps and write with black gel ink. Check out the next item on our list which pairs perfectly with this gift.

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29. Cool Cat Journal

Homework is suddenly cool, thanks to this Cool Cat journal. It features an illustration of a cat wearing sunglasses on a bold orange argyle background. 110 wide-ruled pages make it perfect for school, work, or journaling.

30. Vintage Cat Clock

Cool retro vibe with this vintage-style clock. Made by Kit Cat Clock who has manufactured these cute wall clocks since 1932, this black cat’s eyes and tail move to tick the seconds. Cute to display in a kitchen or bedroom.

31. Purr Me a Shot Glass

Purr me a shot! These funny shot glasses feature a cartoon cat in sunglasses who is ready to drink. He’s a little naughty, sticking up his middle fingers. Comes in a set of two perfect for gifting.

32. Over the Door Cat Hanger

Keep coats and bathrooms close at hand with this adorable hook hanger. This over the door hanger looks like a cat holding your clothes. Super cute home decoration made from no rust iron.

33. Cozy Cat Slippers

There’s nothing that makes me feel cozier than a soft pair of slippers. And these slippers are amazing! These bright blue slipper socks feature a cute black cat peeking out to see what you’re doing. This is a lovely cat gift for Christmas.

34. Black Cat Bookends

If the cat lover in your life is a reader, this is the gift for them. These beautiful metal bookends form the silhouette of a black cat. Perfect to hold your favorite books on a shelf, dresser, or desk.

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35. Cozy Cat Throw Blanket

Throw blankets make a cozy gift for Christmas, but this one takes it to the next level. Featuring soft sherpa on one side to keep you warm, the top side features an adorable print of cats. Use this blanket to cuddle up with your own kitty.

36. Kitty Wine Bottle Stopper

Keep extra wine fresh with this cute and funny wine stopper. Cats have a tendency to try and get into everything, and this silicone kitten would like to get into your wine. Super cute gift for cat fans.

37. Cat Ear Rings

This adorable ring is a subtle reminder of how much you love cats. Available in gold or silver, this ring features cat ears. Buy three of them for a stylish stacked ring look.

38. Cat Water Tracking Bottle

Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of self-care and this gift is the perfect motivation. This water bottle says “Drink your water right meow” on one side, while the other has lines to show you how much water you should drink at different times in the day.

39. Cat Phone Stand

The perfect way to get off your phone is to let this adorable cat hold it. This phone stand is perfect for propping up your phone while you watch videos or just to keep it safe on your bedside table.

40. Pyropet Cat Candle

This is a unique candle. Shaped like a cat, when you burn it, the wax reveals a metal skeleton inside. Perfect for cat lovers who enjoy the macabre. Comes in a gift box.

Available in black, purple, coral, pink, gray, or purple.

41. Falling Cat Wall Art

Falling Cat Wall Art

This cute, minimalist art piece is perfect to hang on any cat lover’s wall. This print of a simple line drawing captures the artistry of a falling cat twisting around to land on their feet. This 11.7″ x 8.3″ art print is perfect for framing.

42. Kitten Sneakers

This cute pair of kicks is a must have for cat lovers! In a unisex design that’s great for guys and gals, the sneakers feature adorable illustrations of cats, created by artists in house at the Ann Arbor t-shirt company in Michigan.

43. Kitty Drink Markers

Never lose track of your wine at a party. This pack of six wine markers is perfect for cat lovers because they’re literally kitties! These silicone cats wrap their way around your wine glass stem and take a little nap while you enjoy your drink.

44. Cat Stealing Coin Bank

Saving money can be fun for all ages! This automatic bank looks like a cardboard box. When you place your coin on the trigger, you’re in for a surprise. A mechanical cat peeks out and steals your money. So cute!

45. Pizza Surfing Cat Shirt

What’s cooler than cats? How about pizza and space? And then combine it with cats? Whoa! This shirt features the outrageous design of a kitten surfing on a slice of pepperoni pizza in space. Comfy, fun, and a very unique cat gift.

46. Cats on Catnip Book

All cat lovers know that catnip can make kitties a bit nutty. This hilarious book captures silly photos of cats when they’re under the influence of their favorite “drug.” Tons of fun for animal lovers and cat owners alike.

47. Ask Me About My Cat Desk Sign

Ask Me About My Cat Desk Sign

Some people dread small talk at work, but this sign is the perfect way to make sure they’re always talking about their biggest interest: their cat! This cute acrylic sign is perfect for an office desk or display at home.

48. Zen Garden Litter Box

This gift is a fun play on desktop zen gardens that people use to destress at work. Instead, this is a zen litter box. It comes with a “litter box tray,” sand, and two miniature kittens.

49. Cat Playing with Garden Gnomes

If your loved one is an actual gardener, this figurine is perfect for them. Made to be displayed outdoors, this is cuter than a traditional garden gnome. This one has a cat playing with some small garden gnomes who are teasing it with a ball of yarn.

50. Cat Ice Cube Tray

What better way to complete a cat obsession than cat ice? This ice cube tray is not only shaped like a cat, but it also has 10 molds that create cat-shaped ice. Perfect to cool down your favorite drinks.

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