Rabbit Cage Accessories & Supplies

Rabbit Cage Accessories & Supplies
Cage accessories are a very important part of your rabbit’s health and happiness. A rabbit in a barren cage with the minimum supplies and accessories will be bored, stressed, and unhealthy. Instead you can turn their rabbit cage or enclosure into a comfy and happy home with the right accessories. This article covers all of the essential rabbit cage accessories and supplies you need to meet all of your rabbit’s needs. You can use this page as a guide or checklist for all of the things you need to buy for a new pet rabbit or check out our printable rabbit supply checklist.

Rabbit Cage Accessories

This article is divided into different categories for the different types of bunny cage accessories. Bunny care essentials are accessories that are necessary for basic rabbit care like eating. Furniture means things you rabbit will sleep on or under, climb on, or otherwise enjoy. And, of course, rabbit toys and fun is all of the things that keep your rabbit happy and entertained in their cage or enclosure.

Rabbit Care Essentials

Food Dishes

Timothy hay based pellets are an important part of a rabbit’s diet, and the easiest way to serve them to your bun is with a food dish. Stainless steel coops and ceramic crocks are popular among most owners because they’re easy to clean and toss in the dishwasher. Check out some of our favorite food dishes.

Rabbit Water Crock Dish

Water Bottles or Crocks

Hydration is important for a bunny’s health, and most owners and vets feel that a water crock or bowl is the best option for rabbits. A water bowl will allow rabbits to drink in the most natural way. But some rabbits refused to use water bowls, so a water bottle would be your best option. Many owners offer both, with the water bottle available as a backup in case the water crock is tipped over or dirty. Check out our favorite water bowls for rabbits

Hay Racks

Timothy hay makes up the biggest part of a rabbit’s diet. While you can just toss some on the floor or add them to your rabbit’s litter box, many owners prefer to use hay racks or boxes to keep the hay clean.

Litter Boxes

Rabbit Litter & Bunny Litter Boxes

An essential part of your rabbit’s cage is a place for them to go to the bathroom. While some owners opt for bedding to line the entire floor of their rabbit’s cage, most owners find litter training with a litter box to be the best option.

You will need at least one litter box for your rabbit’s cage (maybe more if you have multiple rabbits) plus litter boxes for any area your rabbit plays. If you have a free-roam bunny, you will need litter boxes throughout your house to make it easy for them to go to the bathroom. There aren’t a lot of requirements for rabbit litter boxes. Plastic litter pans (often sold in the cat section of the pet store) are cheap and come in large enough sizes for multiple rabbits or to give your bun space to lay down and relax. Make sure you select a rabbit-safe litter to use that is absorbent and reduces odor.

Check out our article on Rabbit Litter and Bunny Litter Boxes to learn about the safest rabbit litter option and see recommended litter boxes for all types of rabbits and litter training issues.

Rabbit “Furniture”

Houses & Hideouts

Tokihut Wooden Rabbit House

Since rabbits are prey animals, they need a safe space to go where they can feel protected. This is good for when they feel scared or just need some alone time away from other bunnies or people. At a minimum, there should be one hideout inside the bun’s cage/pen and one (or more) in their playpen or play space where they have out of cage time.

You don’t have to spend big money to provide your bunny with a hideout. Use a recycled cardboard box (just cut doorways and windows) that can be easily replaced whenever your bunny chews it up. If you want something a little more sturdy, check out some of our favorite rabbit hideouts and houses.

Rabbit Toys and Fun


Toys help stave off boredom and also give your rabbits something to chew to help them wear down their teeth. You should provide a variety of rabbit safe toys.

Common rabbit toy types are:

  • Hanging Toys
  • Shredding & Chewing Toys
  • Digging Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Tossing Toys
  • Exploring Toys

If you want to save some money, try making these DIY rabbit toys from toilet paper rolls.

Now that you have everything your bunny needs, learn how to set up a rabbit cage.

If you’ve recently added a pet rabbit to your home, make sure you learn how to bunny proof your house and how to clean a rabbit cage.