Catnip Easter Egg Toys - Easter Gifts for Cats

10 Easter Gifts for Cats & Kittens

Easter Gifts for Cats & Kittens
If you have a kitty cat or two in your home, they’re family members you don’t want to leave out of holiday festivities. When it comes to Easter, your cat won’t be left out of the fun. We’ve gathered a list fun gifts for kitten and cats that’s perfect to put together a feline Easter basket. These toys and Easter gifts for cats will add some extra joy and fun to your holiday festivities. Check them out:

Toys & Easter Gifts for Cats

Jelly Bean Catnip Toys

Most Easter candies are verboten for cats, but your kitten will love this treat-like toy. This set of three catnip toys look like jelly beans, so you can tuck a holiday-themed “treat” into their Easter basket.

Made from fleece, these jelly beans are purple, orange, and pink.

Cat Easter Collar

Cat Easter Collar Gift Idea

When the rest of the family dresses up for Easter Sunday, your cat can join in too. Gracies Paw Prints makes a variety of Easter and spring themed collars for cats. These breakaway collars have fun prints like carrots, rabbits, jelly beans, and easter eggs. Each collar come with a holiday charm and some even come with a fancy bow tie.

Bunny Ears Hat for Cats

This is one of the most perfect Easter gifts for cats that love to be the center of attention. You can dress your kitten up as the Easter bunny. This is perfect for family photos or just some fun on Easter morning.

The medium size is perfect for most adult cats and it’s easy to put on thanks to the velcro fasteners. Check out the pics in the reviews and you’ll just have to get this for your kitten.

Catnip Heirloom Carrot Cat Toy

Catnip Heirloom Carrot Cat Toy - Easter Gifts for Cats

Carrots are a healthy snack alternative for humans on Easter, but it turns out they’re the perfect shape for Easter cat toys as well. House Cat Club makes these fun toys modeled after heirloom carrots, which means they come in three colors: traditional orange, light orange, and purple. They handmake these toys out of eco-felt and include lots of catnip inside, which will drive your kitty wild. Plus it will be absolutely perfect in their Easter basket.

Bunny Kicker Toy

Tuck a little Easter Bunny in your kitty’s basket with this cute toy. This gray bunny is a kicker toy for cats. The crinkle lining provides auditory stimulation as your kitten cuddles, wrestles, and kicks this rabbit.

Catnip Easter Egg Toys

Catnip Easter Egg Toys - Easter Gifts for Cats

Let your kitty get in on the Easter egg hunt with these cute toys. If you’re looking for Easter gifts for cats, this is must have! A best seller for Sammy Merlin’s Etsy shop, this is a set of six “Easter Egg” cat toys. Handmade with festive Easter-inspired fabric, the eggs are then filled with your choice of catnip, valerian, or a half/half blend. Your kitty will be thrilled to play with their new Easter toys.

Mini Easter Cat Toy Box

Mini Easter Cat Toy Gift Box

Spoil your kitty this Easter with this awesome themed gift box. Packed with handmade items and classic pet store cat toys, it includes 2 catnip pillows, 1 cork feather, 2 pom poms, 2 plastic rings, 1 mylar ball, 1 rattle ball, 1 catnip ball, and 1 catnip sample packet.

Marshmallow Peeps & Chick Cat Easter Toy

Marshmallow Peeps & Chick Cat Easter Toy

Sadly cats cannot enjoy the delicious treat that is a marshmallow Peep, but now they can get in on the Easter fun. These handmade cat toys by Pawsitive Vibe Prints turns the delicious Easter candy into a cat-safe celebration. Made from craft felt, this toy is filled with organic catnip to inspire playtime for your kitty. Since these toys are handmade to order, you can get them in yellow, pink, or blue.

Peeps Bell & Feather Cat Toy

Your kitty can have some festive, frisky fun with this gift. Perfectly sized for your cat’s Easter basket, this set of four toys features a squeaky ball, a bell, and feathers. Great to throw or bat around, your cat will enjoy this gift.

Cat Easter Bandana

Cat Easter Bandana

If your cat will tolerate a little dressing up, this is a cute accessory for Easter. Made by Cleo creates these cute Easter bandanas for cats. This pastel blue bandana features a print of bunnies and carrots. It slides on and even fits over your cat’s collar.

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Handmade Koala Earrings

20 Cuddly Koala Gifts for Koala Bear Lovers

Sleepy, cuddly koalas are adorable and loved by many. If you have a loved one or family member who is obsessed with these Australian marsupials, you know how their love can take over. Luckily you can also win their heart by giving them an amazing koala present. These koala gift ideas are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other occasion. They range from practical gifts to creative and unique custom made items. Check out all the koala gifts below.

The 20 Best Koala Gifts

Koala Onesie

This gift is practical, fun, and an absolute must-have for koala lovers. This koala onesie is a cuddly replica of a koala bear, perfectly in human form. Available in traditional gray fleece or a fun yellow color, this onesie makes cozy pajamas or a convenient costume.

Koala Bear Bamboo Gel Pen

This is one of the most adorable pens I’ve ever seen. The pens look like a bamboo stalk with a cute koala bear clinging to the cap. They write in black ink, perfect for school, writing a novel, or just jotting down a grocery list. Available as dark gray, light gray, or brown koalas.

Koala Composition Notebook

Once you get your koala pens, you’ll need something to write in. This composition notebook style journal is perfect for koala fans. It features a playful design of koala bears and leaves on a green background. Perfect for school work, writing, or random journaling.

My Puns Are Koala Tea T-Shirt

T-shirts are a classic gift and this one comes with a little humor. The shirt says “My puns are…” and has an illustration of a koala and a cup of tea. Read together it’s “My puns are koala-tea.” We can’t help chuckling at that and we know any koala lover will get a kick out of this shirt.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in black, navy, asphalt, red, and purple.

Koala Socks

Socks are a classic Christmas gift, but this pair has a little extra whimsy. These socks feature an adorable pattern of koalas and hearts. This is a perfect gift for koala lovers.

Koala Name Puzzle Sign

Koala Name Puzzle Sign

Puzzimals specializes in making puzzle name signs in the shapes of a variety of animals. This one is essential for any koala fans, as it features the word “koala” in the shape of a koala on a branch. They also make custom pieces, so you could try contacting them to see if they’d make a personalized piece with your loved one’s name.

Stuffed Koala Mom & Baby

Unfortunately, you can’t have a koala as a pet, no matter how cuddly and adorable they are. But this plushie is the next best thing! This koala stuffed animal is an 11.5″ figure of a mother and her baby bear. This adorable pair is perfect if you’re looking for koala gifts.

Koala Eyeglass Holder

This is a really fun and unique gift for Koala fans. What looks like a simple koala figurine is actually a holder for your eyeglasses! Just perch your glasses on the koala’s nose to keep them safely stored. Great for bedside or on your office desk.

Hugging Koalas Salt & Pepper Shakers

This gift might actually be too cute. These salt and pepper shakers are a pair of koalas that fit together in an adorable hug. They are ceramic shakers which are hand-painted, with beautiful life-like details. These are great for the dinner table or displaying on a shelf.

Handmade Koala Earrings

Handmade Koala Earrings

If you’re looking for jewelry to give as a koala gift, check out these earrings. Handmade with polymer clay by Minervabelle, both earrings feature an adorable koala face. The details are so cute and since these earrings are handmade, each pair is unique. This is perfect if you’re looking for koala gifts.

Cuddly Koala Slippers

This is the perfect gift for winter holidays. These koala slippers feature an adorable koala on the foot who looks like he’s just waiting for a hug. In addition to their fun appearance, these slippers are super comfortable, featuring a 1″ foam rubber bottom that feels like walking on a pillow. These are perfect to slip on after a long day of work.

Available in sizes for kids, and adults.

Koala Earwarmer Headband

Koala Earwarmer Headband

This is a perfect winter gift for that koala-loving kid in your life. Hand crocheted by Sew Cute Quilt and Knit, this gray headband features fuzzy ears that transform any child into a koala bear. It’s sized for kids between 4 and 13 years old. They even offer an adult version if you want to pick one up for yourself.

Koala Mug

Mugs make great koala gifts and this one is so cool! Instead of having a traditional hand hold, it has two ears on the side, so the mug itself looks like a koala’s head.

Made from porcelain. Include some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to create a memorable gift box.

Koala Balls Bath Bombs

This is the perfect koala gift for the stressed out lady (or guy) in your life that enjoys soaking in a nice bath. Koala balls are hilariously named bath bombs. Made in the USA, they are black and green bath bombs that make a fun Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer.

Koala Drink Markers

This is the perfect gift for that koala lover in your life who also loves to entertain. We all know that classic party conundrum: everyone is having a good time, sets down their and drink and then doesn’t know which glass belongs to them. These adorable koala markers come in six different colors to clip onto the stem of a wine glass or a straw so everyone knows which drink is theirs.

Add a bottle of their favorite wine to make a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

Koala and Baby Pendant Necklace

Koala and Baby Pendant Necklace

This is unlike any other koala necklace we’ve seen. Made makes this necklace unique is that the pendant is made from a commemorative Australian coin. The artist removes the excess parts of the coin, leaving behind momma and baby. This is a great gift for koala lovers and it makes a fantastic Mother’s Day gift.

Koala Night Light

This is a cute and practical gift for young koala fans. This adorable night light is shaped like a koala. The perfect accessory for any koala lover’s room, it’s made of soft silicone. You can change the color of the light to match any decor or mood.

Canned Koala Gift

This is a gift they’ll never guess what it is when it’s wrapped. This is a tin can with a cute koala inside. It’s sealed inside so it has to be opened with a can opener. This is perfectly sized to be a stocking stuffer or makes a great White Elephant gift.

Koala’s March Cookies

Tasty snacks make great presents, especially if you’re putting together a gift basket. Koala’s March cookies are a must-have treat for people who love koalas. These are koala shaped cookies filled with delicious chocolate. This family pack has 10 individual packs inside, so they can enjoy these yummy cookies whenever they get a snack craving.

Koala Bear Sneakers

These kicks are so cute! These sneakers features an adorable print of koalas and leaves, but the brand actually offers a variety of koala themed designs in a variety of colors. A fun a practical gift for koala fans.

Available in sizes for men and women.

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Watercolor Hippo Mug

21 Fun & Adorable Hippo Gifts

Hippos are a loveable animal. While they don’t make very good pets thanks to their large size and giant appetites, they’re still a beloved animal to many hippopotamus fanatics. Whether you’re obsessed with cute hippo Fiona or just love all hippos, these gifts are perfect to put a smile on any hippo lover’s face. From creative to practical gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect present on this list of hippo gifts.

Essential Gifts for Hippo Fanatics

1. Hippo Onesie

Whether you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume or a cuddly warm pair of PJs, this hippo onesie is perfect to buy as a gift (even if you’re just giving it to yourself). It’s made of warm and soft polar fleece and features a tiny hippo tail and a cute hood that looks like a hippo face. This gift is cute and practical.

Available colors: gray, blue, pink

2. Hippo Bookends

Hippo Bookends

If you’re shopping for a hippo fanatic who’s also a bookworm, then this is the perfect present. These hippo bookends are handmade by Pop Pops Furniture Company from bamboo. One side is the hippo head and the other is the tail. They’re sturdy and heavy enough to hold any collection of books.

3. I <3 Hippos Socks

A classic gift, these socks aren’t only practical, they’re super cute! They say “I <3 Hippos" at the cuff and feature a print of embroidered hippos and hearts all down the sock. The sole of the socks also has hippo facts embroidered on it, which makes them surprisingly educational as well.

4. Hippo Mug

Hippo Mug Gift Idea

If the hippopotamus lover you’re shopping for enjoys hot drinks, then this is the must-have gift for them. Designed by Chase me Tees, this 15 oz. mug features a gorgeous blue realistic illustration of a hippo. It’s classy and fun, perfect for a cup of coffee at the office or enjoying some tea at home.

The mugs are made to order and dishwasher and microwave-safe.

5. Hippo Tea Infuser

If your giftee loves tea, then you have to add this infuser to your mug gift. Made from dishwasher-safe silicone, this hippo figure hangs on the edge of your mug while your tea steeps. It’s a cute way to add some extra joy to any hippo lover’s routine.

Made the gift extra special by including some of their favorite loose leaf tea in the package.

6. Hippo Crochet Hat

Hippo Crochet Hat

This is the perfect hippo gift for the Holiday season for anyone in the family. These hand-crocheted hats feature cute hippo faces.

Custom made to order by See Chelles Crafts, they offer the hats in nine different color combinations. They will also take custom orders if you want to get the hat in your giftee’s favorite color. Size options range from newborns to adults, so you can get one for any hippo fanatic.

7. Saving Fiona Book

Ever since the photogenic Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoos, she’s amassed thousands of fans who can’t get enough of the young hippo. Share the story of how this miraculous baby hippo survived with the book Saving Fiona. Hippo fans of any age will appreciate this fun gift.

8. Hippo Bite Earrings

Hippo Bite Earrings

If you’re looking for hippo jewelry, this is a cute gift option. Made from polymer clay, these little blue hippos look like they’re biting your ear when you wear them. This is an adorable pair of earrings for kids, teens, or adults alike.

9. Hippomark – Hippo Bookmark

If the loved one you’re shopping for is a book lover, then this is the perfect hippo gift for them. This bookmark is unlike any other we’ve seen. Slip it into the top of the book and it not only marks your place, but it looks like a hippo swimming just at the surface of the water.

The hippomark makes a great stocking stuffer and is perfect to include in a gift bag with new books.

Check out more cool bookmarks.

10. Hippo Soap

Hippo Soap

This is the perfect addition to a hippo gift basket. These handmade hippo soaps are perfect 3D miniatures of the majestic animal. These are handmade by Oooh La La The Soap bar from coconut milk, with your choice of scent: lavender, sandalwood, sweet pea, heaven scent, or pear berry.

One gray hippo per order. 3 oz size.

11. Hippo Head T-Shirt

This is a t-shirt that will make you feel like a hippo when you wear it. This 100% cotton shirt is made in the USA and features the large photo-realistic image of a hippo head. Every hippo lover needs one of these t-shirts in their closet.

Available in sizes Small through 5X-Large.

12. Hippo Cutting Board

Hippo Cutting Board Gift Ideas

If the hippo lover in your life also loves cooking, this is the perfect gift. These amazing cutting boards come in the shape of a hippo. Each is made from scrap Corian countertop and features rubber feet to keepit from skidding on your countertop. Each also comes with a stand so you can display it like there’s a hippo on your counter. Available in four color options in two different sizes.

13. Hippo Ottoman

Add some playfulness to any room with this adorable hippo ottoman. Covered in leather with cute wooden legs, this footrest is functional and whimsical. This is a sly way to add some playfulness to a grown-up room, or perfect for a playroom. Any hippo lover will appreciate this awesome gift.

14. Hippo Tie Clip

Hippo Tie Clip Gift Idea

There are plenty of guys who are big hippo fans, but a lot of the hippo gifts may be too cutesy for them. This gift is subtle and classy, and a perfect way to show off his hippo love. This silver tie clip features a small hippo charm. It’s perfect to wear in the office or for formal events.

15. Hippo Stress Toy

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect small gift to add to a hippo gift bag, check this out. Perfect for office workers or students, this stress toy is a wide-eyed adorable hippopotamus. A little squeeze will help relieve stress or work hands and fingers sore from typing on a computer all day. The affordable price means you can get a bunch more hippo gifts to go with it.

16. Hippo Lawn Sculptures

Hippo Lawn Ornaments

If you’re shopping for a gardener, this is one of the most perfect hippo gifts. Marts Art makes a variety of sculptures, including lawn ornaments to add a little decoration to any garden or yard. He has a variety of hippo styles, perfect for any lawn. They all look like hippos swimming in the water, just peeking above the surface. The linked item is a bloat of three. They’re made of concrete so they’re safe for year-round display.

Check out more gifts for gardeners.

17. Hippo Slippers

A pair of cozy slippers are always appreciated by the receiver, and this pair is absolutely perfect for hippo lovers. These slippers aren’t only adorable, shaped like fuzzy gray hippos, they’re also very comfortable. Available as closed or open-back slippers.

Available in a variety of sizes from toddlers and up to adults. Get a pair for everyone in your family bloat!

18. Girl Walking a Hippo Vinyl Decal

For the girl (or woman!) who’s always wished to have a pet hippo. This vinyl sticker features the silhouette of a girl walking a hippopotamus on a leash. Made from high-quality vinyl, this decal is perfect to display on windows, cars, laptops, or any other surface.

19. Plush Hippo Stuffed Animal

Unfortunately, a pet hippo is out of reach. But this plush toy is a perfectly cuddly option. Available in 12″ and 30″ sizes, this little hippo has realistic details

20. Wooden Hippo Coaster Set

Wooden Hippo Coaster Set

Protect your furniture and show off your love of hippos! Made from laser cut wood, these coasters feature the silhouette of hippos. Choose from nine different colors or get a mixed set. Comes with four coasters or get six coasters for the rainbow set.

21. Hippo Composition Notebook

Rock up to class with this cool hippo notebook! This Composition Book style journal features a pattern of illustrated hippos on a bold yellow background. Perfect for homework, diaries, or general note taking.

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Enamel Penguin Pin

11 Cutest Penguin Gifts You Need Now!

Penguins are some of the most adorable birds around, so it’s no surprise that many people are obsessed with them. While you can’t have a penguin as a pet, there are plenty of penguin gifts available to delight any penguin lover. These gifts are perfect for kids or adults and work well as birthday, Christmas, or even anniversary gifts. Check out our recommended gifts below, they range from the cute to the creative. And if you love penguins, you need to get these gifts for penguin lovers ASAP!

Adorable Penguin Gifts

Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Penguin

You can’t have a penguin as a pet, but this is the closest thing! This adorable stuffed penguin is nearly 2 feet tall, making it a lifelike size. Handcrafted with accurate details, it is made to look like an emperor penguin.

This stuffed animal makes a great gift for any child or adult who is obsessed with penguins.

Custom Penguin Pebble

Custom Penguin Pebble Gift Idea

This is a romantic and heart warming gift any penguin lover will enjoy. When it’s time to mate, penguins will search the entire beach looking for the perfect pebble to give to their beloved as a token of their love. Now you can give the penguin fan in your life their own pebble.

Custom made by Balloon Your Room, these stones are carved with two penguins, a heart, and customized with your initials. This completely original gift is great for Valentine’s day, weddings or anniversaries and really shows your love.

Penguin Mug

Any coffee or tea drinker who loves penguins will really appreciate this gift. This ceramic mug features an adorable penguin illustration on the side and comes with a lid/saucer. This is the kind of mug that adds a little joy to anyone’s Monday morning routine. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

Turn this into an unforgettable gift by adding some of their favorite coffee or tea.

DIY Baby Penguin Needle Felting Kit

DIY Baby Penguin Needle Felting Kit

If you’re shopping for someone with a creative side, they’ll appreciate this penguin gift. This adorable DIY kit comes with everything you need to make your own adorable felted Penguin. This kit is targeted at beginners, meaning it’s great for kids, teens, and adults.

Penguin Paper Clips

Looking for a back to school gift or a useful stocking stuffer? Check this out. These paper clips are shaped like adorable little penguins. Perfect for school papers or getting organized in the office, these clips add a little penguin flair to mundane paperwork.

These 1 inch paper clips come in a decorative box. Each box includes 30 little metal penguins.

Penguin Composition Notebook

This is the cutest way to take notes in class! A fun twist on classic composition notebooks, this teal journal features a pattern of adorable illustrated penguins.

Enamel Penguin Pin

Enamel Penguin Pin Gift Idea

This is another tiny gift that makes a perfect penguin stocking stuffer. This adorable pin features a tiny penguin. This handmade pin is designed by Chameleon Wall Art and stands at 3cm tall. This makes the perfect gift for pin collectors or just to add a little penguin pizazz to a jacket or bag.

Penguin Corkscrew

If you’re shopping for a wine aficionado, this is the perfect penguin gift. This cute corkscrew is made in the shape of a penguin, with its little wings used to pull the cork out of a bottle of wine. Made from solid steal gears, this wine opener is not only cute, but functional and built to last. This corkscrew is 6.5 inches tall.

Pair it with a bottle of their favorite wine for an unforgettable gift. Or get them this penguin wine bottle holder to display their favorite wine on their counter

Penguin Pint Glass & Coaster Set

If the penguin lover in your life is more of a beer drinker, check out this gift idea. This is a set of cute penguin pint glasses, each featuring a different illustration of a penguin. To take it up a notch, this set comes with four matching penguin coasters.

Made in the USA. Add a six pack of their favorite beer and they’ll really love this gift.

Penguin Socks

Socks are a very useful gift, but you can take that utilitarian present and turn it into an awwww-mazing gift! This pair of socks has adorable penguin designs on it.

Fits women shoe sizes 9-11.

Penguin Scarf

Cozy, warm, and fashionable are all great words to describe this gift! This adorable scarf features a cute illustrated penguin print. Perfect for fall or winter weather, this is a practical gift that can really highlight a love of penguins. Plus it looks great too with any cool weather outfit.

Available colors: beige, gray, mint, navy blue

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Superhero Ferret Mug

15 Adorable Ferret Gifts Owners Will Love

If you have a ferret owner in your life, you know how crazy they are about their spunky pets. And because of their love for their pets, ferret gifts are a great choice when you need to buy them a present. If you’re feeling stumped about what kind of ferret themed gifts your loved one will enjoy, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of awesome and fun gifts for ferret lovers that will surprise and delight any owner. Check out all the cute ferret gifts below.

Cute & Creative Ferret Gifts

1. Ferret Mug

Ferret Mug Gift Idea

Coffee addicted ferret owners will love this cool gift. Hippo and Kelpie designed this super cool mug with a variety of illustrated ferrets. Available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. sizes. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Add some of your ferret lover’s favorite tea or coffee with this mug to create an unforgettable gift bag that they’ll really appreciate.

2. Don’t Ferret, Relax T-shirt

This funny t-shirt is a perfect gift for any ferret owner. It is it a play on the saying, “Don’t fret, relax.” It features an adorable ferret illustration perfect for all ages.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in the colors black, whie, blue, brown, and pink.

3. Embroidered Ferret Hat

Embroidered Ferret Hat

Looking for a fashionable gift for the ferret fan in your life? Check out this awesome baseball cap. it features the embroidered image of a gorgeous light-colored ferret. This cap is made to order and the seller gives you an option of one of 24 cap colors, including the pink hat shown above. This is a fun and practical gift any ferret owner will love.

4. Attack Ferret Warning Sign

This sign is a great ferret gift idea for an owner with a sense of humor. It says “Caution: Area patrolled by Attack Ferret Security Co.” Made in the USA, this 11″ by 11″ sign is made from high impact styrene. That means it’s weather resistant and can be displayed inside or outside the home. This sign is a fun way to show your love of ferrets while alerting guests that you have ferrets in your home.

5. Ferret Necklace

Ferret Necklace Gift

If you’re looking for a ferret gift for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, check this out. A beautiful and romantic gift for any ferret owner, this sterling silver pendant necklace is in the shape of a ferret. This delicate jewelry is the perfect way to memorialize a beloved pet.

6. Ferret Stuffed Animal

This gift is great for the ferret lover who can’t have a pet ferret. This premium stuffed animal from Hansa is a white ferret made from faux fur from France. Hand-finished by Hansa artists, this stuffed ferret is a higher quality than the ones you find in toy stores. It also comes with a tag full of ferret facts, which makes this a great gift for a young child.

7. Space Ferret Enamel Pin

Space Ferret Enamel Pin

This is one of the cutest ferret gifts I’ve seen. This space-themed enamel pin is a sable space ferret, ready to explore the galaxy. Gold metal pin with rubber backing, ready for your jean jacket or backpack.

8. Ferret Colouring Book For Adults

Adult coloring books are very popular gifts right now, and you can go wrong with this one as a gift for ferret lovers. Feature 30 intricate ferret patterns, this coloring book is perfect to de-stress and unwind after work or any time you need a break or a creative outlet. All of the images are printed single sided, so this is perfect for use with colored pencils or markers. (Check out these recommended adult coloring supplies to include with your gift.)

9. Happy Ferret T-Shirt

Happy Ferret T-Shirt

If the loved one you’re shopping for enjoys a good graphic tee, they’re going to go gaga over this gift. Made by Killer Bee Moto, this t-shirt features a vintage style illustration of a ferret on a pogo stick with the caption “The happy ferret bounced down the street.” Made to order, its available in a variety of sizes and styles, with seven color options, so this is the perfect ferret gift for anyone on your list.

10. Ferret Keychain

If you’re looking for a small, cute ferret gift that is perfect as a stocking stuffer or in a gift basket, look no further. This adorable ferret keychain is made of durable stone resin and hand painted to create a realistic animal model. It’s great for keep track of your keys or hanging from a bag or backpack to show someone’s love of fiesty ferrets.

11. Ferret Art Print

Ferret Art Print

A nice framed print is a classic gift and this modern style print is perfect for ferret lovers. Designed and printed by Julie Ann Studios, the original illustration features a gorgeous brown ferret. Printed on museum quality paper, this art print is great displayed on its own or in a frame. Since they’re printed to order, there are three print sizes and 19 background color options.

12. Ferret PopSockets Grip

This is the perfect gift for the ferret owner who is addicted to Instagramming their pets. PopSockets grips are great to prop your smartphone up or help keep a good grip on it. This one is a bold green with an adorable ferret illustration. Makes a good ferret stocking stuffer.

13. Ferret Socks

Socks are a practical gift often given at Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too! These super cute socks feature a pattern of adorable and playful ferrets.

Fits men’s sizes 7.5-12 and women’s sizes 5.5-10.

14. Interlocking Ferret Keychains

Interlocking Ferret Keychains

This gift is perfect for a best friend or romantic partner. Poo Kat Dino Crafts makes these cute keychains from maple wood, featuring two cuddly ferrets. The coolest part is they fit together, like best friends or lovers. They’ll even engrave them with a special message on the back. Makes a great gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or anniversaries. 2.5″ wide when linked together.

15. Ferret Bookmark

Ferret Bookmark Gift Idea

If the ferret lover in your life is also a bookworm, then this is the ultimate gift. Cool Bookmark makes these unique metal bookmarks. They’re laser cut out of steel and then powder coated with black paint. When you mark your page in your book, you can see the silhouette of a ferret on the edge. Perfectly sized to give as a stocking stuffer.

Check out more unique bookmarks.

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10 Cute and Cuddly Panda Gift Ideas

16 Cute & Cuddly Panda Gift Ideas

Pandas are cuddly bears beloved by many animal lovers. Panda fans are serious about their love too! If you have a panda lover in your life, you know they love to get clothes, jewelry, and gifts of their favorite animal. Sometimes it’s hard to find creative or meaningful panda gifts that they don’t already have. Have no fear! We have rounded up 10 adorable, fun, and creative panda gift ideas that will surprise and delight your loved one.

Awesome Panda Gift Ideas

Gund Panda & Baby Plush Stuffed Animals

While you can’t have a panda as a pet, this is the next best thing. This 12″ Giant Panda stuffed animal comes with a baby cub, kicking the adorableness up by a million. Made from soft, high-quality material, this is a great gift for babies, kids, and adults who want a cuddly panda of their own.

Stealing Coin Panda Box Piggy Bank

This is a unique and fun gift any panda lover will adore. This bank looks like a cardboard box. When you place a coin on the box, the panda pops out and says “Hello!” Then he grabs your coin and says “Thank you” before disappearing again. This gift is great for teaching children about savings or makes a fun desk toy for a working professional.

Panda Bear Necklace

Panda Bear Necklace

This adorable necklace is the perfect accessory for any panda lover. It features a cute panda eating bamboo. Each necklace is customized with an initial charm for the receiver. Comes on a stainless steel chain in four different length options.

Panda Mug & Spoon

This is a cute gift that adds some extra fun to a normal morning routine. This 12 oz. mug features an adorable illustrated panda face on the side and a matching spoon. Fully ceramic it is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. Add in some of their favorite coffee or tea to make this a gift set they’ll really appreciate.

Herbivore Panda T-Shirt

This comfy cotton t-shirt has an illustration of a panda with the word “herbivore” above it. This is a great gift for vegetarian and vegan panda fans.

Panda Coloring Book for Adults

Adult coloring books are very popular these days. If your panda lover also loves to color to relieve stress and be creative, this is the perfect gift for them. This coloring book includes 40 intricate panda illustrations in popular designs like mandalas, paisley, and more. The designs feature a variety of complexities to meet any mood. (If the person you’re shopping for is a little more edgy you may want to consider this coloring book with “Swearing Pandas.”)

Make your gift complete by including coloring supplies like markers, colored pencils, or pens.

Kissing Pandas Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This is an absolutely adorable panda gift to add to any home. These ceramic panda salt and pepper shakers feature two kissing pandas with magnetic inserts that help them hold their kiss. These shakers are great to display on a kitchen counter or dining room table or on a shelf.

Panda Fleece Hat

Panda Fleece Hat Panda Gift Ideas

Handmade by Dinky Dimples, this adorable panda hat is super soft and extra warm. Available in four different sizes, this is a fantastic panda gift idea for young or old panda lovers. The ear straps keep you extra warm in cold weather and also help you look even more like a panda bear.

Men’s Panda Necktie

This is a fun gift that can add some whimsy to any formal outfit. This adorable panda print is on a red background. This is a great gift for the man in your life who loves panda bears.

Panda Painting Watercolor Art Print

Panda Painting Watercolor Art Print

If you’re still looking for panda gift ideas, this is a great gift all panda lovers will enjoy. This print is handmade on archival paper, based on the original watercolor artwork by Quasar Galaxy. Buy the print directly from the artist and get a unique piece of art you can’t find in stores.

Panda Socks

Socks are a traditional gift to give, especially for Christmas. But this year you can kick it up a notch with these awesome panda socks. Featuring illustrations of little pandas and bamboo, these socks are fashionable and fun. One size fits most.

Panda Bamboo Pen Set

This is a great panda gift idea for students and writers. This gift set comes with 6 bamboo gel pens, each with an adorable panda at the top. The pen writes in black ink. Add on this panda journal and this will be a unforgettable gift.

Purple Panda Composition Notebook

This is another cute gift idea, perfect to pair with that pencil set. This bold purple composition book features a pattern of playful pandas and bamboo. Fun for school or work.

Panda Pajama Pants

Add some cute and cozy to bedtime with this panda gift. These light blue pajama pants feature a print of illustrated panda bears. Made from ultra-soft fleece, they’re availability in a variety of sizes from extra small up to 3X plus size.

Panda i-clips Magnetic Page Markers

If the person you’re shopping for is a reader, they’ll love this gift. This is a set of 8 magnetic page markers. Each one features a cute panda face. These markers are perfect for students to use in textbooks or for any reader to use in their favorite book.

Bicycle Panda Playing Cards

Everyone should own a deck of playing cards and panda fans should own this special deck from Bicycle. These specially designed cards feature adorable panda and bamboo illustrations on the face cards and the backs have a panda pattern. Perfect for playing any card game or doing magic tricks. These make a great stocking stuffer as well.

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Mermaid Swim Tail

10 Splash-tastic Mermaid Gifts

10 Splash-tastic Mermaid Gifts

Do you have someone in your life who absolutely loves mermaids? Does she dream of a life in the sea and spend all her free time on the beach? Mermaids are beloved mythical creatures featured in many books and movies. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a mermaid lover, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found 10 creative, original, and fun gift ideas for wannabe mermaids. Any of these would make a perfect gift for any mermaid lover.

Magical Mermaid Gifts

1. Women’s Fish Scale Mermaid Hologram Leggings

Add some mermaid style to any outfit. These metallic mermaid scale tights comes in 8 different color options to match any outfit. These tights make a great gift and are good for a mermaid costume or to jazz up a cute dress.

2. Mermaid Watercolor Art Print

Mermaid Watercolor Art Print

Any mermaid fan can have a print of Ariel, but this watercolor print is a unique and beautiful piece of art. Buy directly from the artist which supports their work and means it’s a creative gift you can’t find in stores.

3. Mermaid Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is gorgeous. It not only looks like a piece of art but is a functional jewelry holder. This mermaid jewelry box is so affordable you can even get them some jewelry to go with it.

4. I’m Done Adulting Let’s Be Mermaids Mug

I'm Done Adulting Let's Be Mermaids Mug

Shopping for a mermaid lover who also enjoys a nice cup of coffee or tea? This mug is the perfect gift. This ceramic mug features the fun and fishy design on both sides. Include some of your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea to make an unforgettable gift.

5. Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket

During colder weather, everyone likes to cuddle up with a warm blanket. Well, with this gift, they can keep warm and feel like a mermaid at the same time. These beautifully crocheted blankets come in sizes for children and adults, in over 20 color options.

6. Mermaid Earrings

Handmade Mermaid Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

These earrings are a gorgeous piece you will not find in stores. Handmade and designed by Venice by the Sea Jewels, these gold resin mermaids are handpainted with teal tails.

7. Mermaids Calm Ocean Adult Coloring Book

Many people now enjoy coloring as a way to relax and relieve stress. Your loved one can take advantage of calming coloring with this mermaids coloring book. It includes 50 pages of intricate and gorgeous mermaid images. Add some colored pencils and markers to make this the ultimate gift.

8. Leather Mermaid Journal

This is a fantastic gift for writers or other mermaid lovers who like to keep a personal journal. Made from genuine leather, it features an embossed mermaid on the cover. It includes 200 pages of recycled paper, ready for sea-themed poetry or fishy daydreams.

9. Handmade Mermaid and Seashell Necklace

Handmade Mermaid and Seashell Necklace

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of mermaid jewelry we have ever seen. Handmade by a French artist, each piece is completely unique. The mermaid is made from polymer clay with no painting. Any mermaid lover would enjoy this or one of the other mermaid necklaces offered by this artist.

10. Mermaid Swim Tail

Mermaid Swim Tail

This is the ultimate mermaid gift. For any girl or woman who has dreamed of being a mermaid, now you can make that dream come true for them. This mermaid tail is more than just a costume, it’s actually engineered to be worn in the water. Great for parties or swimming in the ocean. Available in adult and child sizes.

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Sloth Ring Finger Hugger

15 Sloth Gifts for Sloth Lovers Who Take it Slow

10 Sloth Gifts for Sloth Lovers Who Take it Slow

Doing some Christmas or birthday shopping and look for the perfect present? Well, if your family member or friend loves sloths, you’re in the right place. These cuddly, chill animals are a favorite of many people and there are tons of creative and fun sloth gifts available. Though you can’t have a sloth as a pet, there’s plenty of other cuddly options to fulfill your loved one’s sloth admiration. Check out our suggestions, 10 creative and fun gifts you won’t find in stores.

Cuddly Sloth Gifts

1. Wild Republic Three Toed Sloth 12″ Plush

Second best to an actual sloth as a gift, you can get your sloth lover this cuddly and cute sloth plush. 12″ tall it’s perfect for display, cuddling, or hanging in the corner like a real sloth. This is the perfect gift for children or adults.

2. Sloth Infinity Scarf

Sloth Scarf Gift Idea

Check out this cute infinity scarf. The playful design depicts nerdy sloths with glasses hanging from branches. The lightweight fabric make this a perfect fashion accesory for any time of year.

3. Sloth Kigurumi Onesie

What better way to show some sloth love than dressing like one? These super soft and warm onesies will keep your loved one toasty during cooler winter months and help them celebrate their favorite animal. Features three finger sleeves and a sloth face on the hood. This also makes an easy Halloween costume.

4. Sloth Ring Finger Hugger

Sloth Ring Finger Hugger Gift Idea

There are plenty of cheap China made sloth rings out there. This one is unique in that it is handmade ceramic by Camp Hollow. They’re individually sculpted and handpainted with realistic details so it looks just like a tiny sloth is hugging your finger. Any sloth lover will die from cuteness when they see this unforgettable gift.

5. Snackin’ Sloth Socks

These socks create a bold fashion statement, and that statement is “I love sloths!” These teal socks from Sock It To Me features adorable sloths clutching to delicious donuts. These socks go great with the sloth onesie and make a great stocking stuffer (because they’re socks! Hah!).

6. Sloth Embroidery Kit

Sloth Embroidery Kit

This a great gift idea for sloth lovers who are crafty. This sloth embroidery kit comes with everything you need to make your own embroidered sloth doll. It’s a beginner kit that only requires learning 2 stitches, so it’s a great gift for kids or adults.

7. Let’s Get Slothed Wine Glass

For the wine drinking sloth lover in your life…this is perfect! This stemless wine glass features a cute illustration of a sloth with the message, “Let’s get slothed!” Include a bottle of their favorite wine to create a nice gift bag for your loved one.

8. Sloth Hanging Planter

Sloth Hanging Planter Gifts for Sloth Lovers

This is an adorable gift for sloth lovers who enjoy growing plants or gardening. This little sloth has a hole in its belly for planting succulents or air plants. It can then be hung from a rope anywhere in your house.

9. Live Slow Die Whenever Tea Infuser and Mug Sloth Gift Set

If your sloth loving friend is also a tea drinker, this is a must buy gift! Combining an adorable sloth shaped tea infuser with a mug featuring the sloth creed “Live slow, die whenever,” this is an absolutely perfect sloth gift set. Add some of their favorite tea and this will become an unforgettable gift.

10. Laser Cut Wooden Sloth Face Earrings

Laser Cut Wooden Sloth Face Earrings

This is another adorable handmade jewelry piece that any sloth lover will gush over. Made from birch wood, it features a cute sloth face and is inexpensive enough to make an affordable stocking stuffer. Everyone will feel happy when they see this cute face.

11. Drop It Like A Sloth T-Shirt

This is a funny and cut gift any sloth lover will appreciate. Taking a play on the lyrics from the Snoop Dogg song Drop it Like It’s Hot, this shirt tells you to drop it like a sloth. It also features a cute illustration of a sloth hanging from a tree branch.

This t-shirt is the perfect sloth gift for any age, with sizes available for Men, Women, and Youth. There’s also a choice of five colors: asphalt, black, red, blue, and navy. Also available as a hoodie.

12. Custom Sloth Name Sign

Custom Sloth Name Sign

If you want to give a truly personal gift, this is perfect. MS Custom Calligraphy makes hand painted name signs where each letter is an illustration of a sloth. These signs are handmade to order, making each one unique and custom to your giftee. This is the kind of gift you cannot find in stores that will become a treasured piece of art.

13. “Nap All Day…” Sloth Decal

This gift is perfect for the giftee to display their sloth love. This 4″ decal features an illustrated sloth with a banner that says “Nap all day, sleep all night, party never.” It perfectly encapsulates the easy going lifestyle of sloths often embodied by sloth fans.

This decal works as a bumper sticker but is also perfect to display on a laptop or any other hard surface. It’s perfectly sized to slip into a birthday card or it makes an affordable stocking stuffer.

14. Sloth Enamel Pin

Cute Sloth Enamel Pin

If you’re looking for a small gift or the perfect thing to add to a sloth gift bag, check this out. This adorable enamel pin features a sloth that looks like it’s hugging whatever you pin it to. About 1.25 inches tall, this pin is perfect to display on a bag, jacket, or shirt.

15. Baby Sloth Cookie Cutters

Baby Sloth Cookie Cutters

If the person you’re shopping for is a baker, you have to get this! This cookie cutter set is meant to create adorable, 3D cookies of baby sloths. Because of the layering technique, you’re able to get lifelike details on the cookie so you can clearly see the sloth’s face and claws.

These cookie cutters can be used to bake cookies, shape fondant, or even to play with play dough. The seller even includes a recipe to get you started making these cookies. They’re almost too cute to eat.

16. Sloth PopSockets Grip

Popsockets grips are perfect for easily holding your smartphone or tablet. This one is designed especially for sloth fans. It features the cute illustration of a sloth hanging from a branch. Perfectly sized to give as a stocking stuffer.

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Cuddly Stuffed Hedgehog

20 Adorable Hedgehog Gifts for Hedgie Owners

Adorable Hedgehog Gifts for Hedgie Owners

If you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one, it’s always good to buy them something that aligns with their interests. If your friend or family member loves or owns pet hedgehogs, then giving them a hedgie gift is a fantastic idea. There are plenty of cute, fun, and creative gifts you can give to honor their favorite animal. We’ve rounded up 10 gifts you won’t find in stores that will surprise and delight your loved one. Any of these gifts are great for a birthday or to wrap up under the Christmas tree.

Adorable Hedgehog Gifts

Fuzzy Hedgehog Slippers

Aroma Home makes this cuddly set of slippers any hedgehog owner would love! These toasty warm and super soft slippers are perfect to keep your feet warm and cute any time of year. One size, great for older kids and adults.

Livin’ on the Hedge T-shirt

This funny and cute t-shirt is must-own for any hedgehog owner. This shirt is for people who are “Livin’ on the hedge!” The fun play on words comes with a cute hedgie illustration. Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes in royal blue, baby blue, silver, yellow, and pink.

Hedgehog Composition Notebook

Any hedgehog owner can show their love of the best pet, in school or at home, with this cool composition book. Featuring a cute pattern of hedgehogs, this 110 pages notebook is fully lined for writing, homework, or any other type of musings.

Cute Hedgehog Mug

Cute Hedgehog Mug

This is a great hedgehog gift for any coffee or tea drinker. This beautiful stonewear mug is handmade by Maple Lane Pottery ME. They handpaint the cute hedgehogs to create a unique design. Gift it with some of your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea for a gift they’ll be thankful for every morning. Size: 4 inches high by 4.5 inches wide.

Lina & Lily Hedghehog Infinity Scarf

This cute infinity scarf from Lina & Lily is a must have for any hedgehog lover. The print features adorable little cartoon hedgies. Made of soft, lightweight fabric, this scarf is the perfect fashion accessory for any time of year. Available in five colors so you can find the perfect gift: white, gray, blue, black, dusty pink.

Enamel Hedgehog Pin

Enamel Hedgehog Pin Gifts for Hedgehog Owners

This is a cute little gift for hedgehog owners. This hard enamel pin features a round hedgehog holding a mushroom. 1″ tall it’s perfectly sized to attach to any jacket or bag and makes a fantastic stocking stuffer.

Ceramic Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shakers

This is an adorable addition to any dinner table. This set of salt and pepper shakers features a pair of cute brown hedgehogs. Great to display or use on your kitchen table.

Wooden Hedgehog Initial Necklace

Wooden Hedgehog Initial Necklace

Looking for a stocking stuffer? This handmade wooden hedgehog necklace make a great gift for any hedgie fan. It’s laser cut from wood and comes with an optional hand-stamped initial charm.

Hedgehog Socks


These cute little socks are great for hedgie lovers. Available in blue or yellow, they feature little cartoon hedgehogs with strawberries. These make a great compliment to the hedgehog slippers.

Hedgehog Wooden Pencil Holder

Hedgehog Wooden Pencil Holder Gift Idea

Shopping for a coworker who loves hedgehogs? This is a one-of-a-kind gift you won’t find in stores that they will love to display on their desk. This handmade wooden pencil holder is in the shape of a hedgehog. Just add pencils and pens for the cutest desk accessory.

Hedgehog Onesie

Let your giftee embody the hedgehog life with these cozy pajamas. This adult onesie is designed to make you look like a hedgehog. It features a little tail on the back and a hood with a cute hedgehog face and ears. Perfect to keep warm and cozy on a cold winter night or makes a great easy, lazy Halloween costume. Makes a perfect Christmas gift.

Hedgehog Canvas Tote Bag

Hedgehog Canvas Tote Bag

Carry books to class in style! This rugged canvas tote bag is perfect for hedgehog owners, featuring an illustrated pattern of realistic hedgehogs. Slip some other small hedgehog gifts inside and make it a gift bag!

100% cotton, screen printed in the UK.

Cuddly Stuffed Hedgehog

Cuddly Stuffed Hedgehog

This is a great gift for a loved one who doesn’t have a pet hedgehog yet or likes to collected stuffed animals. All of Fuzziggle’s stuffed animals are handmade, making them unique and thoughtful gifts. Give your hedgie lover this adorable plushie.

Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

A great gift for cooks, this little kitchen timer features an adorable brown hedgehog. Just give him a twist to set any time up to 60 minutes. This little timer is perfectly sized and priced to include in a gift bag or give as a stocking stuffer.

Hedgehog Throw Pillow Cover

This adorable throw pillow is a must-have in any hedgehog lover’s home. Made from durable cotton linen, it features a cute illustrated hedgehog with multicolor quills. This is the pillow cover only, you have to buy the pillow separately.

Hipster Hedgehog T-Shirt

Hipster Hedgehog T-Shirt Gift for Hedgehog Lovers

This t-shirt is cute and funny. It features an illustration of a hipster hedgehog ten different color options in adult and kid’s sizes.

Hedgehog Journal

This is a practical gift for hedgehog lovers. This journal features a beautiful vintage-style illustrated design of hedgehogs. It’s perfect for school notes or a personal diary.

Hedgehog Towel

Every hedgehog lover would enjoy having this towel in their kitchen or bathroom. The bold and colorful design features adorable hedgehog illustrations. Made from a soft cotton blend, it’s a fun and practical gift for hedgehog owners.

I’d Rather Be Hanging Out With My Hedgehog T-shirt

This is the perfect t-shirt for the homebody hedgehog owner in your life. It says the truth most hedgie lovers know: they’d rather stay home and hang out with their pet. Funny gift for hedgehog owners.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in black, purple, navy, royal blue, and brown.

DIY Hedgehog Embroidery Doll Kit

DIY Hedgehog Embroidery Doll Kit Gift

This is a unique and fun gift for the crafty hedgehog lovers in your life. Kirikipress makes a variety of DIY animal doll kits for differing experience level. This hedgehog doll is Level 3, so it’s a challenging project for adventurous beginners are seasoned pros. The kit has everything they need to make their own adorable hedgehog doll.

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Guinea Pig Cooke Cutter

25 Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers & Owners

Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers & Owners

If you have a loved one with pet guinea pigs, you know they’re passionate about their little piggies. These adorable pets have a way of squeezing their way into every corner of your life. That’s why guinea pig gifts make a great present for those pet owners. Sometimes it’s tricky to find unique or thoughtful gifts for guinea pig lovers. Luckily there are plenty of fun and cute presents you can buy for your loved one to help celebrate their favorite pet.

Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers

1. Guinea Pig Plush Pillows

Guinea Pig Plush Pillows Gift Ideas

This is a cute and fun gift for guinea pig owners. These guinea pig plush pillows are handmade, the design is professionally printed on faux suede and hand sewn stuffed with polyfill. There are two different size options and three different designs. Made to order, this is a unique and fun gift to accent the home of any guinea pig lover.

2. Custom Guinea Pig Keychain

Custom Guinea Pig Keychain

Many guinea pig owners wish they could take their pets with them everywhere. This gift will give them the ability to carry a guinea pig in their pocket. Catching Moonbeams Art makes these cute keychains based on the owner’s guinea pigs. Send in a picture of the piggie for reference and enjoy a completely custom gift.

3. Popcorn Addict Guinea Pig T-Shirt

Popcorn Addict Guinea Pig T-Shirt

One of the best parts of being a guinea pig owner is watching your piggies enjoy playtime. When you see them popcorning around the room, you know they’re having a good time. This t-shirt is the perfect gift for guinea pig owners who can’t get enough popcorn!

Available in men and women’s sizes in black, slate, baby blue, green, and pink. Also available as a hoodie.

4. Guinea Pig Property Protection Warning Sign

Guinea Pig Property Protection Warning Sign Gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers

This is a funny and cool option if you’re shopping for gifts for guinea pig lovers. The sign says “WARNING: This property is protected by a highly training Guinea Pig. Not responsible for injury or possible death.” The sign is hand printed on aluminum with a choice of a distressed wood look, aged metal, or a clean brand new design (ready to match any existing decor). This makes a fun sign to hang anywhere in or outside the home.

5. Socksmith Women’s Guinea Pig Crew Socks

These fun and sassy socks from Socksmith feature cute cartoons of guinea pigs. These socks are comfy, stylish, and machine washable. This is not only a perfect guinea pig gift, it makes a great stocking stuffer! Available in pink and turquoise.

6. Custom Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animal

Custom Guinea Pig Plush Stuffed Animal

This is a gift perfect for young and old guinea pig pet owners. These guinea pig plush toys, known as “cavy clones” are made to be a match to your loved one’s beloved pet piggie. Made from soft fleece and faux fur, they’re as cuddy and cute as a real piggie.

7. I’d Rather Be Hanging Out With My Guinea Pigs T-shirt

We all know that feeling: Saturday night and we’re supposed to go out, but we’d rather stay home with our pets. This is the perfect guinea pig gift for introverts. The t-shirt says “I’d rather be hanging out with my guinea pigs. This funny t will show the world their priorities.

Available in men, women, and youth sizes in the colors black, navy, blue, brown, and purple. Also available as a hoodie.

8. Miniature Guinea Pig Earrings

Miniature Guinea Pig Earrings

If you’re looking for a unique and handmade piece of jewelry for your cavy loving friend or family member, these earrings would make a great present. These stud earrings are laser cut and engraved from engineered wood and handpainted. Makes a fun stocking stuffer.

9. Guinea Pig Portrait Painting

Guinea Pig Portrait Painting

This unique art piece is sure to impress any guinea pig owner. Old World Pet Portraits specializes is turning pets into classical portrait paintings. You can select one of the premade pieces or commission your own custom portrait.

10. A Guinea Pig Romeo and Juliet

What’s the one thing that can make William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet even better? Guinea pigs, of course! This fun picture book features photos of guinea pigs acting out the classic story of star-crossed lovers, including costumes and sets. It’s a great way to introduce children to classic literature and it makes a fun gift for guinea pig loving adults as well.

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11. It’s Guinea Be a Good Wheek T-shirt

This is the perfect t-shirt for the pet parent who exudes positivity. It says “It’s Guinea Be A Good Wheek” and every day is a good day when you have adorable pet guinea pigs in your life.

Available in Men, Women, and youth sizes in nine different colors.

12. Guinea Pig Stationary & Stickers

Guinea Pig Stationary & Stickers Gift Set

Add some fun to your shopping list or notes to your beloved. This adorable notepad features a line of illustrated guinea pigs along the bottom and comes with a set of matching stickers. Perfect for correspondence or notes for school/work.

25 stationary sheets with 6 guinea pig stickers.

13. Guinea Pig Poop Plushie

Guinea Pig Poop Plushie

This is a funny gift for guinea pig owners. Flat Bonnie makes these cute plushies that are guinea pig poop! A funny reminder of how much time guinea pig parents spend cleaning up their little poops. 1 3/4″ tall x 4″ long.

14. Guinea Pig Popsockets Grip

Popsockets are the must-have accessory for all smartphone users. It’s a convenient grip that makes holding your phone easier and also creates a stand to prop up your phone for easy viewing when watching videos. This Popsockets grip features a bold and bright illustration of a cute guinea pig. It’s a fun way to add a little pigginess to your fun with a useful accessory.

15. I Speak English and Guinea Pig Tote Bag

I Speak English and Guinea Pig Tote Bag Gift Idea

The best guinea pig gifts are funny and practical! This is one of those gifts. It’s a tote bag that says “I’m bilingual, I speak English and Guinea Pig.” This is perfect for those pet parents who easily communicate with their piggies.

Hand printed on black, fuschia, cornflower, mint, or navy fabric. Buy some other small guinea pig gifts to stick inside and great a gift bag for your beloved.

16. Porcelain Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Add some cute guinea pigs to your loved one’s kitchen. This adorable guinea pig salt and pepper set is the perfect accessory for any home. Made from porcelain they feature beautifully painted features, with a brown and white piggie salt shaker and a black and white pepper shaker. The price is affordable, and according to the Amazon reviews, the quality is impressive.

17. Guinea Pig in a Blue Dress Painting Magnet

Guinea Pig in a Blue Dress Painting Magnet

This is a totally unique gift perfect for any guinea pig owner’s refrigerator or locker. This magnet looks like an old painting, but the beautiful woman in the blue dress is actually a guinea pig! A fun gift that makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

18. Life is Good but Guinea Pigs Make it Better! Sign

Cute decor for guinea pig owners! They can hang it above their guinea pig’s cage or pen as a reminder of how much sweeter life is with these pets.

This 10″ x 5″ includes a rope for easy hanging.

19. Guinea Pig Blueberry Enamel Pin

Guinea Pig Blueberry Enamel Pin

An adorable accessory for your jean jacket or backpack. This enamel pin designed by Noristudio features a cartoon guinea pig holding a blueberry. 1.2 inches high with 18K gold plated brass and a black rubber pin back.

20. Guinea Pig Throw Pillow Cover

Accessorize your home with your favorite pet. This cool 18 x 18 inch throw pillow cover is double side printed with a guinea pig photo. Perfect for the couch or your bed.

21. Guinea Pig Infinity Scarf

Guinea Pig Infinity Scarf

This guinea pig gift is both fun and fashionable. This adorable infinity scarf features a print of playful guinea pig illustrations. Wear your cavy love when the weather is cool.

22. Guinea Pig Mug

Jazz up breakfast with this cute mug! Featuring illustrations of adorable guinea pigs, this is a gift any piggy parent will enjoy! Include some of their favorite coffee or tea to make a gift set they’ll really appreciate. 11 oz. mug.

23. Guinea Pig Cooke Cutter

Guinea Pig Cooke Cutter

If the guinea pig owner in your life also loves baking, then this is the perfect gift for them! Made by Drukowanko, these cookie cutters come in two guinea pig designs: short hair and long hair. Perfect for making cookies and other baked treats.

24. Mini Felted Guinea Pigs

Mini Felted Guinea Pigs

This adorable little gift is the perfect stocking stuffer for the cavy obsessed! Felted Art and Dolls makes these adorable miniature guinea pig figures. These needle felted guinea pigs are only 1 cm high and 2 cm long and can be customized to look like your loved one’s guinea pigs–just send a picture. This is a unique gift for any animal lover.

25. Guinea Pig Beanie

Guinea Pig Beanie Gift Idea

There’s no cuter way to keep your head warm! These knitted beanie hats features three embroidered guinea pig faces. Available in five different colors.

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