Everything You Need for a Pet Chinchilla – New Owner Checklist

So you’ve done the research or maybe you’re still deciding if a pet chinchilla (or two) is the right addition for your family. In addition to picking out a chin to buy or adopt and then selecting the perfect name, you’re also going to need to buy a lot of supplies before you bring your new pet home. We’ve compiled this list to make it easy to see what you need for your pet chinchilla.

Use this checklist as a guide. If there are any supplies or chinchilla accessories you’re missing, click the link to see our chinchilla-safe product recommendations.

Note: All of these supplies are going to cost a pretty penny. If you cannot afford to buy all of these things before you bring home a new pet chinchilla, you cannot afford to have a chinchilla. If you’re still considering whether a chinchilla is right for you, take a look at this list and add up the costs for each item.

Chinchilla New Owner Checklist

Everything You Need for a Pet Chinchilla - New Owner Checklist Printable

Chinchilla Must Have Supplies

These are the things that you need to have in your home the day you bring your new chinchilla(s) home. If you don’t have these basic chinchilla supplies, you aren’t ready for your new pet.

Optional Chinchilla Supplies

These are the supplies and accessories that are nice to have but are not crucial to your chinchilla’s care and well-being. Buy them as you see a need.

Free Printable: New Owner Checklist

Download and print this free checklist to take with you to the pet store. Easily check off each chinchilla supply as you buy it and keep track of what you need. (Right click “Save Link As” to download to your computer.)

While your shopping for chinchilla supplies, make sure to avoid these 10 things you should never buy for chinchillas.

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